Power Day

Loving my Saturday mornings at this point in life.

For the first time in 27 years I no longer work them.

And it’s bloody awesome.

I have worked weekends all those years as owning a gym or studio you work in other peoples leisure time.

I enjoyed it, but times and life have changed so I no longer need to work weekends.

In-fact I only work now around my kids. If I’m honest with myself it should have been that all along.

Anyway -I cannot alter the past but I can take on the future with a better understanding of life and priority’s from now on.


Had a more leisurely morning and enjoyed breakfast with my dude Lou. (Oat Scramble-look in nutrition). After I dropped him at Brain And Brawn Gym for work I headed down to pick up the girls at Jo’s. Jo -Debs and I had decided to train at Dickies Gym in Batley, mainly because last week Brain And Brawn was too busy for us.

It’s an awesome gym – but the time we wanted to train there’s a lot going on, hence the change.

Dickies as I said before is a 80’s throwback – and I love that being an old git.

The plan today was to do something different to the scheduled program and do some heavy stuff all round. Two reasons, one Jo has been asked to power lift in a team meet in three weeks. Two Debs goes away and needed some heavy hitting work while we are with her. She can train on the normal stuff while away, but with the basics covered she’s good.


Here’s the session

Dickkies Gym 

All Body 

Squats 95kg x 20 – I wanted to keep this part of the program going


Trap Bar Dead Lifts 140kg 3 x 5

This bar was ace and had thick handles – the same thickness as an Olympic sleeve –really hard to hold but that made the Dead’s real hard –loved em


Bench Press Off Pins In Rack 75kg 3 x 5


Chins 20kg added 3 x 8 –shoulder width grip –overhand



Dips combo with Curls

Dips no weight Curls 60 pound on a made up old school bar

Back to back no rest 3 x 12 each


Image 1


Loved this session

All reps real smooth tight and strong – not balls out reps but very strict -everything paused top and bottom of the rep

I’m weighing at moment a very ripped 65kg but feel strong and fit as hell

The girls did awesome – get this two very lean figure girls

Debs 60kg squat 20 reps

Jo did singles up to 90kg

I’m talking real squats, not half arse ones

Bench off pins 55kg 3 x 5

Chins sets of 8 -on own- 3 sets

Dead Lifts 80kg 3 x 5 (no straps thick bar)

Strong girls – no drugs no crap just hard work and good food

Proud of them


Wrap up

After Jo and I went up to the cafe for some eggs and toast-and between us we sorted the world out ha-ha.

I’m sat in the garden now with my trackies rolled up like a real Brit ha-ha writing this out for you guys.

Arhhh little things make life good.

Love to ya all Ian



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  1. Martin
    Martin says:

    Love reading your articles Ian! Just awesome. So inspiring. Real bodybuilding. Old school. Golden era. Real training for power and stregth. Lifestyle. Love it. Keep up great work. Best wishes.


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