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Being a little long in the tooth these days I find myself fighting for want of a better word with bodybuilding.

Look – truth be known I’m an old fart that misses the simplicity of it all. I’m all for advancement of the world but for me – for me personally I don’t care for the way this sport has gone and is rapidly heading to another stratosphere.

There is so much information bombarded at you by gurus – insta stars -prep coaches not to mention, a hell of a lot of butts out there now its hard for a new fledgling trainer to find the right information and actually stay on the ‘natural’ true path.


I was always in old shirts x Time to dig them out again x


Here I go.

I remember back in the day, that old line. When you trained for a show, nobody even saw you till you stood on stage. You then got your photos back from the official photographer. Close friends and family saw them – you scrutinised them in order to set a new goal, improvements to be made. If you were lucky your picture may have got in a magazine a few months down the line. Already you were wrapped up in heavy sweats – head down and doing the job needed in the gym. Nobody would see you again till show day and the grapevine of who was competing was nothing but conversations face to face at the gym counter after a grueling session and a blended pro drink in hand, made with milk and fruit I may add.

You would prep for a show on real food – with real carbs – and JUST TRAIN – your ‘pre workout’ was a black coffee and a chat with your training partners about goals and strength. First and foremost you aimed for strength on the basic exercises and intense isolation moves were there to add quality for the stage and not to replace the BASICS.

I’m trying – I’m so trying to get with the times. I have been guilty myself of body-part pics thinking this is how I join in here.

But then there’s a bigger part of me that wants to run off into the middle of nowhere and train on my own in a field with no Wi-Fi in site.

I’m talking here just the bodybuilding side of things, and my own mind with it, an old guy running out the tail end of a sport that has been my life. I thank god I was in the sport in those early years.

My son – loves the way things are now, and I’m really very proud of him and do not voice my opinion to him.

A good friend of mine said it well when we discussed this the other day. He said, “the youth of today know of no other way than this, we have had our time and we should step away and let them have theirs”.


This ramble is for the old fudders like me, that are for want of a better word lost in cyber world.

I know I am.

And then I thought I will bubble myself away and just look after those of like mind.

I wrote myself a little note in my journal- a mission statement if you will.

It goes something like this.


Pen to paper -instills a mind set x


Train old school -be strong -intense and smart  

Eat clean and real food 

Keep wrapped up till show day 

Do the work -and then turn up to the show improved 

Run – lunge -run hills -walk a tone 

Spend as much time as you can with those close – real time 

Spend as much time as you can in nature 

Help others stay the path –only those that want to mind you

Shut your mouth and let the young ones enjoy their time 


Thank you for reading my ramble, for the old hard-core guys out there I will post up some old school programs as soon as I can.

Love to ya all Ian x






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  1. Andrew stone
    Andrew stone says:

    Hi Ian
    Good post.
    I train in my garage keeping it simple.
    Last night was weighted Pullups,barbell rows and deadlifted.
    Barbell curls to finish.
    Dinnerware chicken,potatoes and veg.
    Then took the dog for a walk for an hour.
    Nice hot bath to finish then flopped on to the sofa.

  2. peter yates
    peter yates says:

    HI Ian, another good post and to the point. I too am so glad i was around when things were so much more simple. I use the very least amount of technology that i need too,eat good simple, healthy food,walk wherever i can and train old school in my garage or back yard. For me it does not get better than that. Old farts rule.


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