Old School Leg Training x

It’s been a long time since this feeling has been in my heart.

Year’s in-fact and it feels good, real good.

To be honest I thought I was done with bodybuilding, really did.

Over the last few years I had lost my love and passion for something that had been nothing but faithful and good to me.

Then in just one night it all came rushing back into my body like I had been plugged into some high voltage motivation socket. As the weeks have passed the love and passion has grown more intense, it feels so good I find myself giddy with renewed excitement of it all.


One area I have been real excited to be able to train hard again is legs. For long-term reader’s -you know I had an injury to my leg. For the newbies here, basically I fell forward with a heavy squat and sustained the worst injury I have ever had. Not just in my leg but shoulder back and hip. Took over 16 months till I could do anything of any substance. Working around those injuries is highly documented in my Old But Strong Book.


I made some changes to my leg training with awesome results recently.

Here are a couple for you to try.

A few rules here.

1/ Move fast –not in reps but time between sets. If you work with a partner – as soon as they get off the kit – you get on. Move -move -move. If you doordal the session will be very wishy-washy. If you train on your own count out the reps you did (as if you had a training partner with you) and resume your next set.

2/ When it gets tough -toughen up.

Push your boundaries of pain, you need to feel an incredible pump- and that will only come by gritting it out on those last few reps of a high rep set. Think to yourself -“I’m going to blow these legs up so much I will hardly be able to walk”.


These two sessions have been influenced by body-builders of the 90’s. You will note the reference as we proceed along here.

Coming back they are x Happy chap x

Coming back they are x Happy chap x



This session we did recently at Gold’s in Florida.


Leg Extensions 30 reps pre set

Then add weight to allow 15 reps and a hard 15

This would go like this

15 reps set 1

Reduce weight 1 plate 15 reps set 2

Reduce weight 1 plate 15 reps set 3


Leg Press Feet Low On Plate

20 reps pre set

Then add weight to allow 20 hard reps

Set 1 20 reps barely able to do them..

Reduce a plate aside

Set 2 20 reps

Reduce a plate aside again

Set 3 20 reps

This reduction is called reverse direction training and was used heavily by Lee Labrada. Start with your heaviest weight for prescribed reps then reduce over the other sets.



Now legs are really pumped this makes these very hard.

These are now worked low reps so I cover all bases of rep ranges and intensity.

Set 1 5 reps

Add up

Set 2 5 reps

Add up

Set 3 5 reps — top weigh for 5 (very hard)

Set 4 reduce – 5 reps

Set 5 reduce -5 reps


Hack Squats

Static weight 3 x 12 constant tension- deep no lock out

Leg Curls

Top weight 15

Reduce set 2 – 15

Reduce set 3 – 15

Calves I will cover again in a separate article.


This session was done at Dickies Batley recently.


Walk to the gym – 1 hour then stretch.

Leg Extensions 30 reps pre set

Leg Extensions

Top weight 15 set 1

Reduce 1 plate 15 set 2

Reduce 1 plate 15 set 3

Same as in the other program –based on Labrada.


Leg Press Duck Style Feet Wide Toes Turned Out Feet Low On Plate.

Pre set 10 reps

Then top weight 20 set 1

Same weight 20 set 2

Add weight 10 reps then drop weight and another 10 set 3

These are a Jeff King movement.

I have also on other programs added front squats like King used to do.

Look him up.

These leg presses killed my whole leg and they swelled right up before my eyes.



Same as in the other program 5 sets up to a top 5 for the day then down 2 sets.


Roman Chair Squats

3 x 20 fast – no lock out constant tension.


Stiff Leg Dead Lifts

These are done with a bar and at the top of each rep I pulled my heals in and contracted my hams as if on stage

3 x 15 same weight


Hyper Extensions

3 x 12 — no weight but again posing at the top of each rep.



As you can see the reps are all over. This will cover all bases of growth and quality.

Heavy stuff is still there but further in the session.

This makes (for me) the muscle work and not the joints and connective tissue.

I don’t go to mad on hamstrings as they are worked so much squatting and dead lifting.

Calves are doing well and I will cover them more in another article.

Keep on doin wot ya love Ian x




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