Old School

I am so loving Saturday morning training. Its like I’m a kid again. With not working now on Saturdays I can get up and after sorting the kids…think training.

I know -I know- sad old git ha ha.

But it is awesome, it’s like back in the old days when I had time to train eat and recover. Before work squeezed simple things out.

Even more of a ‘back to the old days feel’, we trained at Dickies this morning. As you may know from my other journals its a real old school gym.

At least 30 years old – and equipment dating back, some of it to the 70’s.

It’s not everyone’s taste in this day and age of wonder kit. But it sure is mine.

Gym Dickies Batley

Shoulders And Arms


Seated Front Press (not rack but on a old school seated press behind neck bench) 47.5 kg 2 x 8


Front Lat Raise (two dumbbells at thighs palms facing each other -raise to eye level touching bells together) 25 pound dumbbells 8 reps 35 pound dumbbells 8 reps


Side Lat Raise 30 pound dumbbells 8 reps 40-pound dumbbells 8 reps


Curls 70 pound bar 8 reps 90 pound bar 8 reps

Old School Made Up Welded Bars x They Beg To Be Lifted -Like They Have For Years x

Old School Made Up Welded Bars x They Beg To Be Lifted -Like They Have For Years x



Extensions -using a late 70’s bar that has your palms facing each other (hammer). This bar I use to see advertised in Bodybuilding monthly in the 70’s -80’s and was sold by The Bodyshop in Dewsbury. Just down the road from the gym, so it all clicks.

Loved the feel and the history behind this bar. How many guys have used this over the years to kill their triceps?

14kg aside 8 reps

16kg aside 8 reps

Awesome Bar And Awesome Feel x

Awesome Bar And Awesome Feel x



Push Downs – on a real old pull down machine -with only 2 pulleys on it – this made it real heavy.

I wedged my knees on the seat while standing up to it and powered hard but strict.

6 plates 8 reps

8 plates 8 reps


Incline Sit Ups – on a Rocky style old sit up board and ladder. Awesome for abs 3 x 20 on a high incline killed us off Jo -Vin and I.



After this awesome session it was eggs and toast -good basic food after a good basic session.

Roll on Monday – Legs!

Have an awesome weekend love to ya all Ian


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