Old But -Cracking On x

I am training more days now then at any other time in my career.

I’m 51 and should not be able to do this amount of work.

But I can and I’m making awesome progress.

Here’s why.

No stress – simple – no stress in life these days.

So basically there is much more of my bodies resources to aid recovery and growth, as it’s not all being used for everyday life/work/bills –stress.

So I’m taking full advantage of this.

Training when I had a huge business (for me) and lots of outgoings took its toll on my recovery. As it would, I was working at some points through the years 80 -or more hours a week plus life responsibilities and also training. So training was no more than 3 hours a week even towards shows.


I often tried to do more -but always broke down. Life and work was far more important, so I trained with what I had left.


Now life is dialed down, the only work I do now is write, plus in the new-year a few posing camps and that’s it.

I’m on top of life – household outgoings, the kids are covered and are just awesome and I could never be prouder of them.

They blow me away by the way they are taking on life.

So—with life as it is I have much more resources left within me to train, even at my age I feel better than ever.

I train as many days a week as I feel necessary and days off as needed.

My body has defiantly taken on a growth spurt with this added training stimuli and mindful working focus to the task ahead.



Following are a couple of sessions I did recently with the gang



Back Biceps

Abs to start

Sit Ups Incline 3 x 20

Combo with

Leg Raise Incline 3 x 20

Broom Stick Twist 3 x 100


Pull Downs 5 x 12

A weight that made 12 hard – 4th and 5th sets killed

Bent. Over Rows 5 x 12

On these I bent over so I was horizontal to the floor. The bar was gripped at just over shoulder width. I pulled the bar to rib cage, not waist – this was much more effective. I never moved anything other than my elbows going up, no body English at all.

The feel in my upper back/lat’s was awesome.

Low Rows 5 x 10

This was pulled to lower abs – with a small V bar.


Seated Dumbbell Curls

8 add up 8 add up 6 add up 6 drop 8

Curls Bar 5 x 5 hardly any rest count to 5 and go again


Wrist Curls 5 x 15

Combo with

Standing Calve 5 x 12

Seated 5 x 15

This whole session was done really fast –very little recovery between sets



This was today


Very simple…

Leg Curl 15

Leg Press 15

Squats 15

Hack Squats With A Barbell 15

Three giant sets non-stop


Finished with neck 3 x 20 plate raise


The squat was very hard – I choose a weight that had me have to pause at 10 — I then rest paused the last 5 — hard as hell



As you can see the work has jumped forward for me.

Recovery is good, feel very good.

Still walking -stretching – and eating very well.

Its amazing the amount of work you can do without life stress.

Must get that article done on reducing outgoings and overheads for you.

Until next time – train hard eat clean Ian x


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