Old Classic x

The seed was planted in my mind a year ago, but lay buried through an entire season before there was any spark of life.

All but forgotten as the wishes of an old man, odd times it would there would be a flick of hope and life to the idea. Only to be killed off by the negatives of mind, too old, injuries, what’s the point, had my time, and many-many more.


Pro Am Trophy Behind Me -Next Year Will Mark 10 Years Since x

Pro Am Trophy Behind Me -Next Year Will Mark 10 Years Since x

Then a day just like any other -gently ticked its way into night.

A night I will never forget.

Saturday the 17th of September 016.

This was my ‘All Night Ramblings’ article you may have read here, but there was much more to that night.

Now – I’m going to give you here my exact words written in my journal that night.

Don’t think badly of me – some of it looking over it makes me sound up myself.

Look, I’m just giving you honesty.

That way then you can look inside yourself and find something you can be passionate about.

We are only here once – live it.

Anyway here’s me — my words my mind.

Journal Entry Sat/17/9/016

Writing this at 12 am Sat night -couldn’t sleep.

It’s 5 weeks till I’m 51 on Monday- been ill but feeling better and motivated to do something.

Goal 1

Look awesome at 51

Goal 2

Train for the Pro Am next year.

Freak everyone out at 51-52.

Be complete, be full, be shredded, and pose better than ever.

This will have many advantages and pluses.

One is Louis will see me do this with balls and focus.

Two -book sales and it will help Lou take over the business.

Three Jo will be best she has ever been because our training and prep will take a much higher level.

The harder I train the harder my partner does.


Triggers have been.

Louis asking me and encouraging me to compete again.

Danny Hester winning Olympia.

Seeing Kristian Kerr today and realising shape and condition is an incredible gift, he looked awesome.

I realised also that this is a gift I have that I cannot waste before I’m too old to do this.


I then further wrote… Again I’m giving you my inner thoughts here.




Train by instinct.

I know what to do -do it.

Train days I need too -rest when I know I need it.


Food needs to be (up) there.

Real food

Plenty of it

Protein high

Base supplements on point

Water up -always

Fats in meals

Keep cals up




Leg needs to come up from injury


Calves need to come up


Thicker and fuller upper body -deeper chest, delts, arms thicker


Do hard drills to keep metabolism high



Look after my skin

Use oil everyday

Skin scrubs

Skin needs to look good


That was the night – the next day I was totally focused and had a direction I had not had in years.

Plans are set in motion – training has taken a higher level.

All these areas I would, if your interested share with you in my journals from now on.

Over the next few days I will give you the insight into training and nutrition- everything warts and all.


Let’s see what an old classic can do taken out for another spin eh.

Love to ya all Ian x




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