Old Boot x

Trained this morning as yesterday my son competed in the NPA Midlands.

At 14 – he is awesome, any dad is going be a proud as hell and I’m no different.

Both my kids have been through a few bad years, (losing their mum) they never cease to amaze me with their resilience and zest for life and gaining the most from each day.

Molly keeps both Lou and I in check, as she is the sensible academic one, very much like her mum.

Lou -has found his niche – very much like I did and it is keeping him stable and focused.

The show yesterday saw him winning the best under 18 award and 2nd in the under 21’s.

Within hours he was planning his next goal –ha ha. Like me I guess.

Louis -14 and 5-10 x

Louis -14 and 5-10 x


Anyway – after all that driving yesterday – my body was sooooo tight.

Felt all wrong this morning- stiff as an old boot.

So first thing before touching a weight – I stretched – and stretched then some more stretching.

Felt better -but not right.

The session called for 20 rep squats first off the bat– I had to really sort my head out.

I did – and got it done.


Gym Dickies

Body Part -All


Squats 102.5kg for 20 reps

Bloody hard – back and hips felt crap – but that said – all deep reps and I got em – felt better after.


Dead Lifts – Thick Handle Trap Bar 147.5kg  3 x 5


Rack Bench Press Of Pins Bottom Position Start 80kg 3 x 5


Chins 22.5kg 3 x 8


Dips 7.5kg 3 x 12

With Curls Old School Bar 65 pounds 3 x 12




Felt better after

Five hours driving -does me in – worth it though for Lou

Girls did awesome – Debs is back from holls – not missed a beat

Jo had a fight with 20 rep squats too but won

I was buggered after this session in a good way

Girls? – Better than me – I must say training with two strong girls is bloody hard

They recover very quickly and the pain threshold is much higher than a man


Anyway – it does us all good – we all win from it

Love to you all Ian


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