Loving It x

I know I keep banging on about how good training is at the moment.

I’m sorry- cannot help myself.

Training is really good at moment ha ha.

Frigging love this shit.

Sorry – but it is, I am excited, focused and enjoying every minute of every session.


Over the last few weeks we have done

1 Chest Shoulders Triceps

2 Back Biceps

3 Legs

Two days on one off for the better part

Exercises have been anything – sets anything – just good old work.

The next few weeks are

1 Chest And Back

2 Shoulders And Arms

3 Legs

Two days on one off

Just keep the order above and run it … simple’s

Calves and abs most days





Here are a couple of programs I did on the first program


Chest Shoulders Triceps


Hammer Press


Add up


Add up


Add up




Add up


Add up


Add up


Cross Overs 3 x 20

Shoulder Press


Add up


Add up


Add up


Lat Raise

3 x 12

Push Down 15 –add up -12 add up -10 add up 8 –add up 6 –then drop 20

Dips 2 x 20


Every two to three weeks we do a power day – when we feel like it this is just to keep a hand in the power work for powerlifting


We did this on Sunday

This was legs for me a Power Day

Leg Ex 3 x 30

Hyper Ex 3 x 15

This was warm ups

Squats 80kg – 12

90kg – 10

100kg – 8

110kg – 6

120kg – 3

Done as an I go you go, very quick


Dead Lifts 100kg – 12

120kg – 10

140kg – 8

160kg – 6

170kg – 3

Again done fast very little rest


Started on chest and back today an awesome session

I will jot that out for you in a day or so

Loving training ha ha x

Hope you are too –your only here once so enjoy x

Love to ya all Ian

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