Live It Again

Training is fantastic at present. Its always ‘good’ as its a huge part of me.
But at the moment its on another level.
Things are definitely moving forward for me even at 51 I feel awesome. I do feel like I’m improving, granted gaining back my younger self. But I’m defiantly gaining.
This is in part I think to Lou my son who at 14 is getting his feet firmly planted into this sport we love.

He has found the love of iron himself, not by my pushing or whatever. I was happy with all the sports he tried. But then he tried some training and the iron bug bit him.
I know he is hooked for life.
Guess what?
I feel his passion – I’m living it again, his on point is mine.
His excitement is mine.
And I love it.
I’m so lucky and blessed to live the life I had again.

Training is awesome as I said.
Last week I was ill over two days so on saturday I doubled up the sessions.

Here is Saturdays session

Gym Dicky’s Batley

Dead Lifts
Warm ups and then 140kg x 5 on cycle
Standing Shoulder Press
Could not get on seated so just got in the rack
Warm ups the 55kg x 5

Bent Over Rows
Tester set 90kg x 5
Main Set 105kg x 5
30kg x 8 (to light)
35kg x 8 ok
Both shoulder width grip

A tri set of
Lat Raise
3 rounds non stop 15 reps

Finished with
Calf Raise Machine Standing
I split the stack into 4
Doing 12 reps a quarter adding up very little rest to on the 4th set full stack (very heavy)
I then drop back to first quarter and did an agonising 20
Seated On Rickety Machine
3 x 15 20kg on

Monday 19/9/016

Gym – Home
Squat Day

Decided to pre work my legs before squats today.
It made for an awesome session in the early evening Jo and I.
Leg Curls 3 x 12
Leg Extensions 30 – 20 – 15 adding up
Squats 105 x 5 cycle weight then I dropped to 90kg for 8
Real deep reps
Hack Squats 3 x 12
3 x 20 weighted
Calf Raise 3 x 15
Hack Toe Press 3 x 15

Tuesday 20/9/016

Gym Brain And Brawn
Bench Day
Bench Press
Warm up then 80kg x 5 on cycle
Inclines Paused On Chest
60kg x 5 70kg x 5
Hammer Chest Press
20kg aside 3 x 12
3 x 15 – 15kg

Later that night did some abs with Lou x

Awesome sessions – feeling good as I said. Positive and injury free.
We all love to train, you really don’t know how much until the years click by and you reflect.
Being able to still ‘kill it’ as you get older is a good feeling that lives inside you.
Happy to be still cracking on.
Like an old warrior I will not go down – I will make forward progress as much as can.
Live it love it guys.
Ian x

When it's in the blood x It's there for Life x

When it’s in the blood x It’s there for Life x

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