Kindred Connection x

A much needed recovery break in Bridlington was in order this weekend.

Those that know me–know of my kindred connection with ‘Brid’.

Born and bred in the small seaside town I return to my roots as often as possible.

Jo and I and the kids Molly –Louis and Molly’s BF Cole stayed in an awesome cottage close to Danes Dyke an area of beach and rocks that once had Vikings landing their longboats there.

I love the place and it was part of the run described in my book when I was a kid.

We arrived Saturday lunch and had a chilling afternoon/evening, a meal out and a movie saw us all tired but relaxed.

A ton of fresh air and walking miles had us all sleeping like logs that night, looking forward to the Sunday and plans to train at Andy Pickering’s Universal Physique Gym just in the town.


Sunday 4th/9/016


Gym Universal Physique

Press Day – Shoulders And Arms


Front Seated Press 50kg x 8

Front Lat Raise

30-pound dumbbells tester 8 reps

Then main set 35 pound dumbbells 8 reps

Side Lat Raise

35-pound dumbbells for a tester set 8 reps

40-pound dumbbells 8 reps main set

Curls 35kg bar 8 reps for a tester

Then 45kg bar 8 reps main set

Triceps Extensions 10kg aside 8 reps tester

17.5kg aside 8 reps main set

Push Downs – Coan Style (as in Ed Coan) Grip on bar same as bench width done heavy – 70kg tester set 8 reps 80kg main set 8 reps – this was way over my 65kg bodyweight so Lou held me down

Sit Ups Incline Old School 3 x 20


Being Strong In A Shoulder Press Will Give You Mass in The Whole Shoulder Girdle x

Being Strong In A Shoulder Press Will Give You Mass in The Whole Shoulder Girdle x




Awesome session.

Really enjoying training and eating right -feel in shape.

We spent the afternoon walking on the beach and just enjoying the basics of life.

On the way home I felt good, real good -rested and recovered and ready for this week, with it being back to school week.

Yer you mum’s know what I mean.

God all those years I had it bloody easy ha ha.



Monday 5th/9/016

Gym Dickies

Squat Day

Lots of stretching and warm ups then –

Squats 95kg x 8 full deep good meet style reps


One Leg Leg Press -as I explained in another journal- with these there is more range and both legs get balanced work

2 plates aside 12 each leg tester

2 plates -plus a 12.5kg aside 12 each leg main set


Leg Curls (hammer) 1 leg 12.5kg 8 reps tester

14kg x 8 main set


Leg Extensions

45kg x 12-tester set


60kg x 12 main set


Seated Calf on the rickety but best ever machine 44kg 3 x 12

Incline Leg Raise 3 x 20



Another good strong basic session

We have a powerlifting meet in 8 weeks and the groundwork is there

Loving it – feeling real good along with all the walking and running and clean food

Check out my nutrition section for basic (but best) eating guide


While away I came up with the idea of doing a Saturday Strength Camp I will post something soon on FB.

To give you the heads up here, a power lifting strength session open to 8 -10 clients that will be run by yours truly and my sidekick Jo every week.

This will be a programmed and eating plan devised session that has a crew of us meeting on a Saturday to move some iron, get stronger and bigger.

Keep you posted on this – I just need to talk to a few people.

Love to ya all Ian x


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