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1997 was an awesome year of training; I undertook a complete year of HIT training and made some incredible gains.

I had successfully blended high intensity body building movements with Brooks Kubik inspired thick bar and rack work.

I will post the program in the Back To The Future section, later today or tomorrow

I wanted to give you the heads up here on a technique I used successfully but forgot its value, until I read that year’s journal.

The technique is Static Holds – basically when you have failed in a set you need to hold a weight in a contracted position for as long as you can stand.

This will send the intensity through the roof –and along with that some new gains.

I started doing these just for biceps in March of 97 had such amazing results I added them to other exercises.

As you can see from the pictures my arms especially the biceps look real full. I did not realise how much so until looking back. As time went on I got good results in other preps for shows- but unless you keep that weight and intensity up, the muscle has no need to stay that big.

Remember I said a few journals back, my whole life of training has been peaks and valleys.

Just so happened that year was a peak.

Looking in my journal – I can see in March I was Thick Bar Curling 5kg a side on the thick bar weighing 100lb. By November I was using 11.1/4kg a side – that’s 150lb curls and a good steady progression. Along with the holds –my biceps grew like weeds.

So as you can guess today I added some Static Holds to my biceps work.



Gym Brain And Brawn

Shoulders And Arms

Main Move

Rack Shoulder Press


Set in the Rack so the bar is on the pins and just under my chin

The bench back upright is set at 80 degree

Started at 5’s then 3’s then singles to 77.5kg same as before but better in style very controlled there’s 80 next time

Remember each rep is a solid tight dead stop on the pins



Lat Raise 17.5kg 15 plus 2 forced– best yet that set

No Rest

Hammer Press 30kg a side 8 reps plus 2 forced

No Rest

Lat Raise Again 9kg 10 reps plus 2 forced

No Rest

Bent Over Lat Raise Head On Bench 20kg 10 reps


Girls Went



Triceps Extensions 12.5kg and a 1 and a 1/4 each side 9 reps plus 2 forced

No Rest

Close Press Ups With 15kg chain over my neck 8 reps 2 forced Jo pulling me up


Girls Went


Curls Thick Bar (normal thick bar 20kg it weighs -mine is a tractor axel and solid at home) 12.5kg aside 9 reps

No Rest

Underhand Chins Holding Top And Bottom 9 plus 1 forced -best yet


I Ran To The Cable Machine A Bar Was Attached For A Cable Curl

I put 30kg on it and I would not have been able to even curl it -but I swung it to about 6 inch from my chin and held it there as long as I could in the contracted position

Make sure its a weight at that point you would not be able to do one strict rep with —you be able to hold it though -then lower slow as you fail

I also stood away from the pulley base S0 – the angle of pull was about 70 degree

Think about this – stood close gravity would pull down and you would not feel the tension in the biceps

Stood away a few feet made my biceps fight

Job done

More of this and how I used it in the program as soon as I can

Love to ya all Ian


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  1. Dan Eagle
    Dan Eagle says:

    Funnily enough, when I saw those pics on FB I thought your Biceps looked as big as I’ve seen them…looking forward to seeing the program. Cheers, Dan


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