HITT’ing Legs

An early morning walk put me in the mind frame today that I was go to smash legs today. My thoughts prior to sleep last night was to dig in the ‘journal box’ this morning to find some sessions to write an article for you guys in the Back To The Future section.

Well after my walk and breakfast, I got digging and pulled out a few journals.

I was thumbing through them and I visualising the training sessions scrawled in just legible writing in the tatty old books.

All the while getting more and more excited to train.

I am enjoying this Conan HIT program so much and I must say even though I am training very hard, I seem to be recovering and improving at my age in fullness and condition, so –happy very happy.

I met the girls at Jo’s and we set of to the gym we trained at a couple of weeks ago –with the Nautilus kit in it.


Gym Dickies Batley


Main Move

Today was Bench Squat

This is a squat to a dead stop on the bench and off

The bench is set a little above parallel

Started at 5’s and worked to 3’s then singles to 150kg

This felt ok –still a little weak on the right leg –but it is getting better



Leg Extension 35kg 8 reps plus 2 forced

Drop to 20kg got another 6 reps

No Rest

Nautilus Leg Press –put 360 on (last time 335) –god this near on killed me

You have to start at the bottom —got 4 reps and then 2 forced with Jo pushing on the plate

Slight Rest

Hacks 90kg on –(last time 70kg on) got 8 deep reps –then took 10kg off got another 3 —then 40kg off –left me with only 40kg on and I got a balls to the wall 8 again

This was done nonstop I may add

Legs just blew up could hardly walk

But we did to the calf raise

Stranding Calf

125kg on got 15 reps plus 5 forced with Jo pushing on my heals

After this we had a joke about could we run to the end of the gym?

Nope —not one of us could even jog –without falling flat on our faces

Image 1

All Smiles After ha-ha x

Bloody awesome session x

Thank you Jo and Debs x

Roll on the next

Love to ya all Ian



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