Fired Up!

I was buzzing this morning to train, as my head was full of inspiration. Before sleep last night I had read a story from one of my Conan novels. I have more or less the full set starting from number 1-a book that was published in 1972 up to book 20 or so.

The most inspiring and by far the best ones, being the stories by Conan’s originator Robert E Howard.

The story’s by Howard are just awesome and take me back to when I was a kid and first discovered Conan, the inspiration then still burns deep and it does not take much reading to be reminded of what started this journey into the iron for me.

I fell into an inspired sleep excited for the next days training.

I was up and out by 4.30, quick 50 minutes walk with Daisy and home for a coffee and more reading prior to our 6am session.

Being focused on HIT at the moment I read some of Arthur Jones Nautilus Training Principles Bulletin No 2. This I have in original format year 1971. To say it’s an awesome book is an understatement, even if you don’t agree with HIT; Jones was without a doubt a genius.

Even though it was published in 1971 you will learn so much from it regarding the body, exercise, intensity and recovery.

I have all 3 bulletins No 2 being the one I like to read the most.

You can find all Arthur’s books online for free in PDF format just Google it.

I highly recommend them – for anybody who trains. Like I say you may not agree with HIT but you will enjoy them and learn something.

So all wired I set off to meet the girls at the gym Jo and Deb.

Gym Brain And Brawn Morley

Shoulders And Arms

Main Move..

Hammer Shoulder Press

5’s to 3’s to a single with 2 x 20kg aside and a 7.5kg


Then HIT

Lat Raise 15kg 11 reps plus 4 forced

Then no rest

Hammer Press again 20kg plus 7.5kg aside 10 reps plus 2 forced

No rest

Lat Raise again light 9kg 6 reps plus 2 forced

Then no rest

Bent Over Lat Raise – head on bench 17.5kg 12 reps (as in pic)


Girls did the above


Triceps Extensions 12.5kg aside 9 reps plus 1 forced

No rest

Close Grip Press Ups 15kg chain on back 10 reps – chain off 4 reps


Girls did theirs triceps


Thick Bar Curls 12.5kg aside 9 reps plus 1 forced

No rest

Underhand Chin pause bottom and top 6 reps plus 2 forced


Arms pumped so much it was painful, even an hour after I could still feel a deep ache in them.

I can also see I’m changing from week to week, leaner and bigger.

I have a training photo shoot in 5 weeks -I know I will look better than on my 50th birthday shoot.


Thanks for reading guys, check out those books Jones and the Conan ones. Don’t get any other Conan stories other than Howard’s. They are by far the best.

Love to ya all Ian


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  1. Markus
    Markus says:

    Thank you , Ian, for the tip about the Nautilus Bulletins. Already downloaded and printing in process 🙂


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