Finding It’s Way x

Very happy at present, training is the best it has been in years (touch wood). After four years of life not being good and training being a baseline to keep all the stress together and in one place.

Training is again is now my health and strength.

Injuries are very nearly healed, close to as good as new and I feel really ‘in shape’.


Still working out this program, but that said as I am finding my way it’s sorting itself out.


Tuesday 30th /8/016

Gym Brain And Brawn Morley

Bench Day

Bench Press 72.5kg x 8 reps


Close Grip Bench with a pause on the chest

Tester set 57.5kg x 8 reps

Main Set

62.5kg paused again x 8 reps


Incline Bench- again paused

Tester set 57.5kg x 8 reps

Main – 62.5kg x 8 reps


Fly -flat bench 20kg 15 reps

Main Set

22.5kg x 12 reps

Sit Ups 5kg 3 x 20 reps



All reps smooth and precise

The main move is worked on a basic cycle over 9 – 12 weeks

Others are added to make the muscles stronger to make that base move -simply move up


65kg Of Old But Strong... and short x ha ha x

65kg Of Old But Strong… and short x ha ha x





Gym Brain And Brawn

Dead Lift Day


Good warm up then worked up to

Dead Lifts

130kg x 8 reps

Tried a new style with this sort of a half sumo style

My legs were only as wide as I squat -felt good

Will see how it goes and post a vid another time or photo


Bent Over Row

Tester 90kg x 8 reps


100kg x 8



Tester 20kg x 8 reps


25kg x 8 reps


Pull Down Hammer

Tester 20kg aside x 8 reps


35kg aside x 8 reps


Bent Over Lat Raise

Tester 12.5kg x 12 reps

Main 15kg x 12 reps

Finish With

Calf Raise 60kg 3 x 12



Good strong session

Even though I’m very lean I feel real good – strong – and much more in there yet

Thanks to Jo Vin Debs x


Train hard eat clean guys love Ian x


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