Finding Our Feet

Over the last couple of weeks mine/our training has been all over the place to accommodate shows meets and what-nots.
Things are settling now and I have a plan in mind for a powerlifting meet in November.
Jo will do the same as me- but Debs maybe will have just about finished with figure shows for this year by then.
So we see her next goal/goals unfold, and plan from there.

Over the next couple of sessions I will find mine/our feet and then train and plan according to feedback.

At the present I weigh a very tight 65kg and the weight class is 66 so I need to stay around this weight.
This is easy done and I will outline my diet for you over the weekend.
Its working very well, I feel very good, healthy, strong and mobile.

I have been enjoying, running, long walks and body-building stuff in with the heavy work and will keep that in. Full on power stuff just locks me up and I feel terrible.
So I will keep the other bits and bobs in.

Decided to rest yesterday and do chest today and shoulders and arms tomorrow. Then start afresh on Monday when I have had chance to think things through more.

Today’s chest session was a base power bodybuild one.






Gym Brain And Brawn Morley

Bench Press 1 x 8 at 70kg
Close Grip 2 x 8 at 60kg with a long pause on the chest
Incline Bench 60kg 2 x 8 again long pause on chest
Flat Fly 17.5kg x 15 20kg x 15
Incline Sit Ups 3 x 20

I have had real good results with this type of session in the past its based on a Coan program.
All weights where low but reps very strict and perfect.
Steadily does it till I find the grove of a new session.
Even though it was not all out it was a really good session, based on concentration and style of movement.
Looking forward to tomorrow, it will be a base move and some bodybuilding strengthening muscle work.
Roll on.
Love to ya all Ian x


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  1. Stuart Meays
    Stuart Meays says:

    The title you havre given this blog made me smile . It sums up perfectly my feelings towards training . Heavy , light , super-sets it doesn’t matter I bloody love it . Just like yourself Ian it’s the thing I look forward to every time . Even when injured it turns my workout into a positive by making me find a way to train round it !! Keep on training and keep on inspiring mate , we need old iron warriors like you x

    • Ian Duckett
      Ian Duckett says:

      Hey mate x We are old warriors ha ha x
      Trained for years —and its awesome to see our kids training now too x
      Love to you and yours x


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