Dont Say Can’t

The last few days have been a bit hectic, what with the kids being off and life being busy. So this morning on my early morning walk I felt a little groggy.

Within half an hour though the early morning cool air pulled me around to looking forward to a good session and a great day ahead.

I must say there is a definite difference in the early light; also the air smells cleaner, cooler now in a morning. The mornings are definitely drawing in a little already. I love the early walks and I am looking forward to autumn my favorite time of year.



The walks as I have said many times aid recovery for this old weights warrior. Staying still does us- you/me no good, sitting all day and driving everywhere is no good at all for your body.

So I say, walk as much as you can.

It aids recovery from training and life stress. Plus it makes you leaner and more fluid, simple -all because of stepping out.

Let’s put this into a little thought for the day.

In order to gain you need to train hard. In order to gain from that training you have to recover.

You have to work at recovery just like training.

Eat good, sleep deep, keep calm, also stretch and walk to cleanse your system.

Don’t say you can’t recover from hard workouts if your diets shit and you don’t implement simple stuff as above.

It’s down to YOU in the end do what you need to do.


Gym Brain And Brawn

Shoulders And Arms


Calf Raise 3 x 12 Single Leg 20kg



Lat Raise 20kg 10 Reps

No Rest

Press Standing 40kg 10 Reps

Rest A Little


Lat Raise 20kg 8 Reps

No Rest

Press Standing 8 Reps


Bent Over Lat Raise Head On Bench 20kg 2 x 12 Reps


Incline Dumbbell Curls 17.5kg 8 Reps Then 7 Reps

Thick Bar Curls 10kg aside 10 Reps


Triceps Dumbbell Extensions

12.5kg 12 and 12

Last week did on dumbbell overhead did not like it

These I did laid down on a bench dumbbells coming to the side of my temples

Close Grip Bench (could not get on dip) 15kg aside on thick bar

1 x 15



Good session done in 45min -four of us

Feeling lean and muscular – training shoot for this site in 12 days

This will be unlike my other shoot at 50 – as that was an ‘in-shape’ look for my Birthday and book

This will be a training shoot, real training only difference is I will wear a vest, something I hardly ever do, believe it or not when training

The great Lee Archer is working with us Jo and I, looking forward to it he always does an awesome job


Enjoy your day guys

Love to ya all Ian



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  1. Markus
    Markus says:

    Good stuff – as always, Ian. Thank you for this, bro.
    What about some short real training vdeos ? 🙂 ……………….would be great…………

  2. Ian Duckett
    Ian Duckett says:

    Will do mate x Just at the moment life has been busy so we shoot around at the gym ha ha x Was just saying though to Jo after the photos on the 10th -I will do a bodyweight session and video that x Thank you again for your support Ian


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