Dinosaur Bodyweight Day

I picked up the idea for this day from Brooks Kubik’s excellent book Dinosaur Bodyweight Training.

The program we are on at the moment covers two days weights/power and one day freehand bodyweight work.

With everything we have coming up in the pipeline at the moment this program covers all bases, strength -size and agility.

I will write out the complete program for you guys over the weekend and post it up for you Monday at the latest. So if you want to give this a crack, you will have all you need to implement it.

The tracking forms are working and we will have them for you Monday or so also.

I plan to do a video of the entries in my journal to give you some ideas of how you can make them work for you.



Today’s session

All Body

Training Mucka – Jo and Daisy  

At Bodyindesign (home)


Press Ups On Straps 15 reps

Chins On Rope 15 reps

3 Rounds


Handstand Press Ups 3 x 6

Handstand Press

Handstand Press Ups 



Rope Squats

These I picked up from Brook’s book. They are a really deep squat up on my toes with the rope used to balance I lean back and perform a full range squat with a forward hip move at the top. Rather like a sissy squat. It’s a killer on the whole leg – 3 x 25


Hanging Leg Raise Holding Rope

3 x 12

Front Neck Raise 15kg 3 x 15

Rear Neck Raise 15kg 3 x 15


Job done


The rope added a huge amount of grip work – when I was doing 15 rep chins and 12 Leg Raise (toes to the bar).

Handstand Press Ups bloody loved em – bring on more of em. I will increase the range next week.

Everything today worked the body as a whole — right through it.

After we had a pro drink and rice cakes while walking Daisy to cool off.

An hour after a good meal was in order.

Awesome day – hope you guys are.

Love to ya all Ian


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