Covered In Chalk

I think I have set this program just right as towards the end of today’s session I said to Jo and Mel “its good that this heavy stuff is only twice a week”.

Today’s session really pounded you, in a good way.

It was heavy and basic with thatcovered in chalk getting the job done’ kind of feel to it.

And I was covered in chalk and sweat and I loved it.

Simple things like still being able to train hard and heavy make me happy.

It’s an awesome program –and I’m sure you will love it too.

I will call this program Strength -Size -Agility and put it up for you by Monday, along with the journal sheets you need.


Here is today’s session

Gym Dickies Batley

Body-Part – Everything


Squats 100kg 1 x 20

Good deep reps – right leg feeling better and on the mend –these squats I had to dig deep for but not balls out –Legs mending there’s more to be had


Dead Lifts Trap Bar 145kg 3 x 5 –this is a thick handle trap bar –real good –I’m just guessing its 20kg


Rack Bench Press

The bar is set at the bottom position on the pins and you press from a paused -tight dead stop

77.5kg 3 x 5

Chins 21.5 3 x 8-shoulder width grip

Image 4


Dips 5kg for 12

Back to back with

Curls on an old school bar 65 pounds 12

Did 3 Rounds



Debs is away so we had Mel join us – she did awesome

The 20 rep squats really set off the program – sat here writing this I can feel my legs

The trap bar also works the whole leg hard along with the entire backside of your body

After the dips and curls I felt a huge pump – this comes after all the heavy basics and you up the reps

Good basic hard graft – every move was done strict and precise


Have an ace weekend love to ya all Ian


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