Back In The Trenches x

Following are four sessions I have just covered over the last few days.

Saturday 8/10

Shoulders And Biceps

Dickies Gym Batley

10 am

The gym from my home is an hour’s walk that I enjoyed immensely.

The day was stunning and fresh and while walking I listened to a podcast featuring Skip Lacour.

This put me in a real good mind state to smash it today.

The walk also warmed my core temp up and within minutes of being in the gym, after a few warm ups the gang and I cracked on.


Lat Raise 40 – 30 – 20-pound dumbbells 2 drop sets 10 reps each

That’s 30 reps total –partner went –then me again


Shoulder Press On Universal Machine

1/2 stack 15 reps

Combo with

Nautilus Rear Machine 1/4 stack 15 reps

3 rounds nonstop

Front Raise One Dumbbell 30 pound 3 x 15 reps

Love this movement for biceps x

Love this movement for biceps x

Curls Incline

Adding Up

20 pounds 15 reps

30 pounds 10 reps

35 pounds 6 reps

These are done very strict with my elbows never moving from pointing straight down.

I also never turn them a full 360 at the bottom, but only to the point of palms facing each other.

When there is a full twist you do gain some momentum to the start of the movement, this I do not want.

From the initial twist – my palms will face the ceiling for 98% of the movement also-this really works the biceps and pre fatigues you for …

Bar Curls




Made up pound barbell’s

6 reps each – 2-drop sets as in the lat raise …

So 6 with 70 – no rest 6 with 50 – no rest 6 with 40

Vince did his 3 drops

Then I did another


Hammer Curls 35-pound dumbbells 3 x 6 reps

Calf Work

This I have been working very hard on with good results

I have not trained them hard enough over the years – only when I know I’m getting on stage do I concentrate more on them.


Standing Machine

1/4 stack 50 reps

1/2 stack 30 reps

3/4 stack 20 reps

Some of these I had to rest pause them


I looked through old notes from years ago and remembered a technique I had forgot.

When performing standing calf raise keep your legs locked in a slightly bent position.

So – your knees are slightly bent, lock them in that position.

Do not thrust from your knees -and use your quads.

Now stretch and raise high on your big toe and the toe next to it and the ball of your foot.

You will find the contraction harder at the top with your legs bent and using that part of your foot.

When I did this again and for a huge variety of reps ranges my calves killed me and within weeks looked fuller.

After standing I did

Seated 3 x 15

Toe Press On Universal Leg Press

Again knees bent but locked 3 x 15

This type of training and style has made very mediocre calves good -not awesome but good

Awesome session thank you

Jo, Deb – Vin


Monday 10/10  


Gym Dickies Batley



This was an absolutely awesome session that today has me hobbling around.

Over the last few weeks before deciding on competing I did a little bit of an experiment on my legs.

Mainly because of the injury I had – I needed to see if the high reps and sets would improve fullness and condition -knowing that a year from now I would be back to top form.

Well the training worked and I set the goal in motion.

My legs over the last few years have not been worked hard enough for the stage -heavy (for powerlifting) but not hard.

I have the type of body that needs to be on point at all times otherwise I loose tissue.

The heavy stuff gives ‘me’ thickness but not that muscular roundness and shape.

But after a few weeks with a variety of reps and sets I could see a huge change.

Just a point here – this is muscle I have had in the past – so if your oldish like me – you may want to try this rep stuff.

I feel really -really good at moment and excited to see stuff I have not seen in years.


Leg Extensions

30 reps

Add up

20 reps

Add up

10 reps

These combo with

Leg Curls 3 x 20 reps



Front Squats

Legs already pre fatigued made these hard but nice and fluid

60kg x 5 reps

70kg x 5 reps

80kg x 5 reps

90kg x 5 reps


After the lower reps time to ramp it up again

Hack Squat

Dickies has an awesome hack squat machine, I think it is a 1980’s one so it is not like the ones today.

You cannot use a huge amount of weight, as the angle is steep but bang on

The lower quads scream for mercy- love it.

80kg x 15 reps

85kg x 15 reps

90kg x 15 reps

Adding up like this and striving to reach those reps made these 3 sets torture.

When I got off the machine my lower quad was cramping and really pumped.

Having an intense head on now – I wanted to push it just a little more.

I felt good – so…

Leg Press

4 plates 50 reps

6 plates 30 reps

That finished it.


Weighted Crunch 10kg 3 x 20

Leg Raise 3 x 20


Tuesday 11/10

Chest And Triceps

Gym Brain And Brawn



I had slept all twisted up and my right shoulder was sore when I awoke.

Since this is a 6am session I needed to loosen it up.

I found the pain to be at the front delt but on trying to find the tightness found it originated at the back of my armpit, just a little below the rear delt.

I got my fingers in and give the area a good mashing and in a few minutes all was good.

At the gym I further sorted the area by doing a 100 band pulls.

Then I was good to go.

Hammer Press Machine

30 reps

Add up

20 reps

Add up

10 reps



Incline Dumbbell Press

20 reps

Add up

15 reps

Add up

10 reps



Thick Bar Rack Press

Off the bottom pins

60kg x 5 reps

70kg x 5 reps

80kg x 5 reps

90kg x 5 reps


I have kept a file on Labrada for years -with old articles from way back x Again love this movement x

I have kept a file on Labrada for years -with old articles from way back x Again love this movement x



Dumbbell Extensions

Love these and have on and off done them most of my training life

I picked the style of these from great Lee Labrada

9kg x 20 reps

10kg x 15 reps

12.5kg x 10 reps

Then Rope Push Downs

5 x 20

I had done at this point shit loads of pressing and needed ‘I felt’ to isolate the tri’s


Calf Work

Toe Press 3 x 30

One Leg Calf Raise 5 x 10 each


Wednesday 12/10


Gym Brain And Brawn


This was an awesome session; hours later writing this my back still feels full and worked.

Under Hand Grip Hammer Pull Downs

30kg aside 3 x 15 reps

This led to pre fatigued..

Chins Just Wider Than Shoulder Width Grip

8 – 6 – 6 holding the contraction at the top


Bent Over Rows

Wide Grip Pulling To Abs

70kg 3 x 10 reps


Rack Dead Lifts

140kg 3 x 10 reps


Shrugs 3 x 15 reps


Abs to wrap up

Weighted Crunch 3 x 20 10kg

Leg Raise 3 x 20


Loved theses sessions.

Even though there is a lot of work I feel real good. My recovery is much better these days as I work very little and free of stress.

This is one of the reasons I thought of competing again, simply because I have life in order, and I can do it better than in the past.


I will post some more training journals while away – as we fly to Florida in the morning.

Train hard and smart guys love to ya all Ian x




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