Back To It x

After an awesome but busy week and weekend, what with the UKDBF show yesterday and this and that.

This morning felt good to be back into my normal routine.

Debs did fantastic in the figure class yesterday coming in 2nd after a few years away from the stage. Very proud of her.

Back to it this week now and on to the next.

I am still settling into a program here that will cover all of our needs. Strength -size-fitness -and a stage ready body.

As I structure this first true training week I will outline things for you guys if you’re interested.

At present, though I’m leaning towards a base movement for each body-part and two or three assistance movements.

So big move followed by precise.

The big move – squat -bench -dead lift – shoulder press on a basic cycle.

The assistance – 1 tester set – 1 all out set for prescribed reps.

That’s how the last couple of sessions fell into place and I like it.


Today’s session


Gym Dickies Batley


Squats on a basic cycle – today had me at 90kg x 8 after warm ups and stretching

One Leg Leg Press

This is as it says on the tin

One leg at a time

Place the foot into the center of the footplate and as the weight sled comes down – allow your thigh to come to the side of your ribs

The advantage of this way of leg pressing is …

It balances both legs out – (I still have a weak right)

It allows for more range of movement

Really loved these today

1 plate aside warm up 12 each

2 plates aside tester set 12 each

2 and a half plates aside 12 all out reps each

I started with my weak side every time — then just matched with the other leg

Leg Curls One Leg

This was on a hammer machine

Again one leg at a time

Oddly left is weaker on this movement

1 tester set of 8

1 all out set of 8

Leg Extensions 37.5kg tester set 12 reps

52kg 12 all out reps

Seated Calf 40kg the old rickety machine – that is the best one I have ever used 3 x 12


Leg Raise 3 x 20


Ace session

Great focus and pace

Loved it – thank you Jo and Vin


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