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Things are going really well with the Conan Hit Program. If I am not mistaken we are on this for another four weeks. I will then evaluate and set out another program based on changes and how we feel.

In the meantime I am loving the gains here.

Remember I have been training for many years and gains come in peaks and valleys depending on life and goals being chased.

So the gains are not new but are like meeting an old friend you have not seen in a while.

I can see a definite body composition change and there is plenty of strength and agility at a much lower body weight, so all’s good. The lean eating plan I am on also has a huge impact on the gains made on this Conan Program.

So with that said I will post my eating plan tomorrow under the nutrition section for those of you interested.

As you can see the powerlifting weekend went very well which also sold me on this idea of rotation of the main lifts. I felt far better on the day apart from making weight and cramps – I knew I felt good and would lift good. So this area of the program is here to stay I reckon for programs to follow.

Bit muddled today in that last week I missed some main moves because of having to rest a couple of day prior to the meet, so today was a fresh start.


Gym Today Brain And Brawn Morley

Chest And Back

Main Lifts

Trap Bar Dead Lifts

Started at 5’s and added up to a good smooth single at 160kg after all the heavy lifting at weekend this was good

The trap bar we use is a York one – with very wide spaced handles

When you Dead Lift it feels like a snatch grip

I must say it kills the upper lat’s

This was done in a jump set with

A jump set being a slow super set – not rushed normal rest time for heavy work –a set of dead’s –rest a little a set of Inclines

Incline Bar Press

Started at 5’s and then 3’s to a single with 80kg – actually easy and smooth last time 3 week ago 75kg was harder


HIT Stuff

Chins 20kg x 10 reps

No Rest

Press Up 10kg on my back -pause on chest on floor tense at top 12 reps – weight off 3 reps

Slight Rest

Hammer Row Machine 35kg a side 15 reps

No Rest

Dips -no weight 12 plus 3 forced

Awesome session

Thanks to Jo – Deb and Vin

Love to ya all Ian

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