Back To The Future x

This morning was just beautiful, the air was cool and fresh as I walked my dog Daisy. I love this time of year, I like the sun but with the clean air that comes with the fall.

Over the last few weeks I have been looking out for geese that are readying themselves for heading back to Canada. We have a few gathering places near my home and I love to watch them fly in formation all while chatting away to flight partners.

As I walked my mind run back to all those years I would be at the tail end of prep for a major event at this time of year.

Also It always signalled the end of a goal and the start of a new one. A fresh start with corections to be made.

I was still in thought mode as I entered my home and popped the radio on. There- the crew of the station where talking about Back to The Future -with the music of the movie playing. How random, how odd this was, the very first thing I here is the music from one of my old routines. I smiled to myself and struck out part of the routine I had not done in more than 23 years. I could still remember it!!!

I remember showing my back and hamstrings to great effect back in those days. I was always asked -“what do you do for your hamstrings and back”. Dead lifts and chins I would answer, they would wander off dejected as if I had some secret movement. Nope just the basics, I am still doing them today.


OCTR0026 (Copy)



This session I did in reverse

Pull Downs 3 x 12

Chins 3 x 12

Dead lifts up to 145 x 5 on cycle

Bent Over Rows 105 -x 5 –107.5 x 5

Pullovers 3 x 15

Enjoy your day -love to ya all Ian x

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