All-Nighter Ramblings

I remember a few years back my son Louis coming in one Sunday morning after a sleep over at his mates.

He burst through the back door proudly exclaiming “done an all- nighter ant ah, we have not slept at all it’s been ace”.

Well off he went upstairs to get changed as we had all arranged to meet Granddad.

Louise looked at me – I smirked back trying not to laugh.

“This cannot end well,” Louise said knowing Lou and his mood when sleep is in short supply.


Molly comes down stairs dressed lovely in her Sunday best.

And Louise and I are pretty much ready to go.

I shout up stairs “LOU”.



Listened – nothing.

So I went upstairs.

There was Lou crashed out on his bed his face stuck actually to his ipad.

I shouted down to Louise and she came up with Molly.

“Look at the bloody state -all-nighter my arse ha ha”, I said.

We shook him.


We shook him harder.

With bouts of “LOU WAKE UP” in-between.


We had to be out with Granddad and could not leave him so we gave one last ditch attempt.

Otherwise it was abort the day out.

I sat him up!

It was like something out of Walking Dead (only seated) but there was life.

In the space of literally five minutes he had walked upstairs turned on his ipad and crashed.

Dropped into such a deep sleep he could not be woke.

Then –as a shock to all of us.

“I’m up” he mumbled.

All of a sudden he stood up and promptly started to get ready for school!!

Clearly he thought it was Monday.


We made it to the meal out and Lou was like a zombie till we got home. He then slept 16 hours straight.


I’m writing this journal now at 2 am in the morning.

This is my all-nighter.


Well I cannot bloody sleep, tried nothing happened so I got up and did this.


Wrote out my next 5-week goals and ‘to do list’.

This included.

Household plans and shopping lists before we go away.

Jobs that need doing and arrangements to be sorted before we all head off to Florida.


I then wrote out my training and eating plans for five weeks and then set goals for 6 months and 1 year.


Cleaned the oven!

Yep bit random… But it needed it and my plans above included cooking batches of meals.

So I wanted a fresh start on that oven.


In said –now clean oven I baked some oatcakes for breakfast not far away at this point now.


I put in a batch of washing and hung one out.

Yes stood in PJ bottoms.

In the dark.


I ironed some stuff for molly and some tracky’s for me. Then Lou’s school kit, god I’m on it for this week.


I then balanced all my banking.

Having over the last few months saved a shit load of cash for going away by having a minimalist approach to everything else.

Remember from past articles how I now handle life money and ‘things’.

I reduced and cut out all money drains.

I would rather do then have.

Over the last few months I have juggled and thought about every pound and in and out of this household. Bloody shocked even myself by how much I saved.

To spend on our holl’s having fun.

These little juggles I do I explain to the kids in every detail.

So they learn about money, value, debt and enjoying TIME living.

Louis is awesome with money and works at 14 part time and saves for months for one thing. He sets a goal and goes for it.

Molly is similar, works and has mini goals all the time.

Always they include doing something fun.

But she plans and works towards each little goal.

I am so proud of them -just as Louise is- as she is watching over them.


The Sun Coming Up A Beautiful Day Ahead x

The Sun Coming Up A Beautiful Day Ahead x


Well that’s my ramble.

Another hour or so I will walk the dog.

Then come back and get ready for school!!

Ha ha.

Have a fun day.

Love Ian x





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