All Body All Hell

A good friend of mine James gave me the heads up on the Energy Mill Gym in Bradford a few months ago over a coffee.

They have a good range of Nautilus he said, so I popped the address in my diary and planned to give them a look up in the near future.

Around that time I had said to Jo the first Saturday we are on our own we will pop in and do an all body session for a shock/change, today was that Saturday, and it certainly was a shock.


The gym was easy to find and as the name implies in a mill.

I spoke to a young man working there and said how James had told me about the gym and Jo and I planned an all body session on their Nautilus machines.

He showed us main floor – sure enough a full set of Nautilus.

We thanked him and I got to work planning today’s session.

I tested out the machines as a warm up and set the seats to my frame.

The nerves building within me as I did so.

Luckily it was not over busy so I could set everything up before hand to go from one to the next nonstop – or with a very brief glug of water.

My goal was to cover the main areas of my body – arms and delts had been hit Thursday, so I only included one isolated move for shoulders as you will see.


Here is the session

Leg Extension 95lb 15 reps slight help on last two

Within seconds

Leg Press 400lb 12

Within seconds

Squats 70kg got 10 ass to floor reps and no lock out (a light weight but frigging killed me after those two pre exhausting it)

Legs done and they blew up!

30 seconds drink

Pull Over 95lb 15 reps slight touch last 2

Within seconds

Chins 20kg 6 reps 2 forced

No rest

Chest Press (sort of a decline action -the contraction was off the charts) 95lb 10 plus 2 forced

No rest

Lat Raise Machine (again unreal contraction) 75lb 6 plus 2 forced drop weight another 10

Row Machine 140lb 10 plus 2 forced

Dips no weight added 8 plus 2 forced



Everything we used today was a Nautilus machine-apart from the chin dip and squat

The feeling was out of this World – after the dips the last movement- my body went BOOM and the pump and pain was unbearable.

Sat down – hurt more – walked hurt worse – laid down – much better.

My pecs felt like they were going to burst, legs were still stabbing –full body pain and do you know what? Loved it.

I felt sick but kept it down and in five min I was good to push Jo around the same.

She did awesome as women tend to do – they can stand pain far more than men.

The pump is still with me now hours later, writing this.

I’m not one for having my arms out but on the way home -Jo and I went to feed the session at a local café.

I took off my hoodie and she remarked on the road map of veins all over my arms and shoulders.

I felt empty and after breakfast- a pre workout carb and pro and a post workout carb and pro I still had plenty of room for eggs and rounds of toast.

My body just sucked it up, and was gaining fullness by the minute.


Really enjoyed it – its been a while since I have done such torture.

Rest and eat well back to normal on Tuesday, until I get another flea in mi ear.

Love to ya all Ian x



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