My Training Journal

A lot of you want to know what I do on a weekly/daily basis to keep me looking so good at my age.

Here is my Training Journal with techniques and advice that you can use to improve your own program.

Outside In x

Being a little long in the tooth these days I find myself fighting for want of a better word with bodybuilding. Look – truth be known I’m an old fart that misses the simplicity of it all. I’m all for advancement of the world but for me – for me personally I don’t care for […]

Strength Is Key

I have not done much writing of late as I/we have been working towards an even more basic future that I will soon write about in the Life Balance section on this site for those interested. Those that are close know of my basic philosiphies of life and balance of ‘doing and not having’. I […]

Visualise To Achieve

Until your mind can conceive it the body cannot achieve it. A bold statement but in my experience a very true one. Think for a minute – so many things are visual. How many times have you seen a movie and -cried or jumped out of your skin or felt every emotion under the sun […]

Burning Desire

I have been a bit quite of late, mainly because life has been a little busy. In a good way I might add, November and December being particularly cluttered with both kids birthdays and Christmas. Having got through those months we have hit the road running in this New Year. We have so many plans […]

Pure x

Oldies – can you remember the days when you started out in this sport? Can you remember an uncluttered life when training was pure and exciting? Ah those good old days eh, and the gains -wow the gains seemed to appear week upon week. Life was simple -gym -work -eat -sleep. I had a sort […]