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Week 1 Training Journal – Monday 13/06/2016

Gym: Brain and Brawn, Morley


  • Started with some ab work and warming up the shoulders thoroughly
  • Main move
  • Floor Press
  • Laid on the floor bench press

Lower the weight until your triceps are resting on the floor.

Stay tight and press.

I started at 5’s and worked down to 3’s then singles.

Topped out at 90kg with a three second hold.


I stepped up the work…

  • Incline Dumbbell Press 27.5 kg 15 reps slow strict full range reps

Could not have done 16.

  • Then Chins right after 15 reps 20kg added

Then right after:

  • Dips no weight – strict and slow pause bottom pause top contraction 12 reps could not have done 13

Quick drink

  • Sled pull 40kg 3 rounds there and back combined with side chest poses – this killed the chest and is very hard after doing some drill work

Week 1 Training Journal – Introduction

This week’s training has taken a step up on the intensity ladder.

After blogging on my bodyindesign site about HIT training (high intensity training) I felt the need to shake things up a little.

After about six weeks on the Conan Program (see programs on this site), I wanted to keep the main aspects of that program, namely the heavy singles work, but shake up the hypertrophy work. ‘Building stuff’ as I call it when we are training.

So to simplify, I rotate each strength move over three weeks, working to a single for the day, not balls out single but a good rep. Then I kill the muscle with building stuff after, now the building work I wanted to pick up on some old HIT stuff I have used over the years with great success.

I am not a HIT purist – and have nothing against anybody who trains ‘his or her’ way. That’s all I’m doing – is doing what I love and know I can gain from. Your goal should be to take something from everybody and apply it to YOU. As you advance in years you realise that.

So enough waffle – let’s call these next six weeks or so Conan HIT.

Just so it has an identity.

I moulded into this program as the week went on, by next week – it will be down to three days a week because of the intensity increase.