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Testing The Waters x

Ever since that night a couple of weeks ago, I have not been the same.

You know the all-nighter I did, whereupon I did not sleep a wink, but spent all night doing ‘stuff’ and thinking.

Well It was a great night as I had time to really think and plan out goals.

Some of the goals are life goals and some are training.

Life goals in the bag –and are being worked on, so let’s turn our attention to training goals.


The training goals are under construction but need more of a foundation beneath them before I can go for them with all I have.

But that said things are happening and heading at present in the right direction.


I am 51 in less than four weeks and a mini training goal is to see how I look at this point. At present I am on target to look better than I did on my 50th Birthday shoot.


OCTR0076 (Copy)


I have over the last few weeks not posted many training journals as I have been all over the place with training, trying to set a foundation into those goals I mentioned.

There have been some changes in training that need more experimentation before I tell you guys. Simply because – I always like to be my own guinea pig before I pass on information.

I can then say ‘I tried this and got these results from it’– try it yourself.

Then you can make an informed decision.

So you don’t waste effort and time.

So in order to not confuse the reader — my plan is to not put up training days here for a few weeks.

I will then – pop up some pics – and give you some feedback on my little project.

That way then you will be given something that if it suits your goals and ability – you can go for it with renewed motivation.


We still have plenty of other articles to go up over the next few weeks.

I have a Robert Feesey interview coming up.

Another lifestyle –‘save money article’.

And an article on BCAA.

So plenty to go at.


So – I’m going to dig in, work at this and if it works out, or not, I will tell you either way.

Until then train hard eat clean Ian x


Back To The Future x

This morning was just beautiful, the air was cool and fresh as I walked my dog Daisy. I love this time of year, I like the sun but with the clean air that comes with the fall.

Over the last few weeks I have been looking out for geese that are readying themselves for heading back to Canada. We have a few gathering places near my home and I love to watch them fly in formation all while chatting away to flight partners.

As I walked my mind run back to all those years I would be at the tail end of prep for a major event at this time of year.

Also It always signalled the end of a goal and the start of a new one. A fresh start with corections to be made.

I was still in thought mode as I entered my home and popped the radio on. There- the crew of the station where talking about Back to The Future -with the music of the movie playing. How random, how odd this was, the very first thing I here is the music from one of my old routines. I smiled to myself and struck out part of the routine I had not done in more than 23 years. I could still remember it!!!

I remember showing my back and hamstrings to great effect back in those days. I was always asked -“what do you do for your hamstrings and back”. Dead lifts and chins I would answer, they would wander off dejected as if I had some secret movement. Nope just the basics, I am still doing them today.


OCTR0026 (Copy)



This session I did in reverse

Pull Downs 3 x 12

Chins 3 x 12

Dead lifts up to 145 x 5 on cycle

Bent Over Rows 105 -x 5 –107.5 x 5

Pullovers 3 x 15

Enjoy your day -love to ya all Ian x

Live It Again

Training is fantastic at present. Its always ‘good’ as its a huge part of me.
But at the moment its on another level.
Things are definitely moving forward for me even at 51 I feel awesome. I do feel like I’m improving, granted gaining back my younger self. But I’m defiantly gaining.
This is in part I think to Lou my son who at 14 is getting his feet firmly planted into this sport we love.

He has found the love of iron himself, not by my pushing or whatever. I was happy with all the sports he tried. But then he tried some training and the iron bug bit him.
I know he is hooked for life.
Guess what?
I feel his passion – I’m living it again, his on point is mine.
His excitement is mine.
And I love it.
I’m so lucky and blessed to live the life I had again.

Training is awesome as I said.
Last week I was ill over two days so on saturday I doubled up the sessions.

Here is Saturdays session

Gym Dicky’s Batley

Dead Lifts
Warm ups and then 140kg x 5 on cycle
Standing Shoulder Press
Could not get on seated so just got in the rack
Warm ups the 55kg x 5

Bent Over Rows
Tester set 90kg x 5
Main Set 105kg x 5
30kg x 8 (to light)
35kg x 8 ok
Both shoulder width grip

A tri set of
Lat Raise
3 rounds non stop 15 reps

Finished with
Calf Raise Machine Standing
I split the stack into 4
Doing 12 reps a quarter adding up very little rest to on the 4th set full stack (very heavy)
I then drop back to first quarter and did an agonising 20
Seated On Rickety Machine
3 x 15 20kg on

Monday 19/9/016

Gym – Home
Squat Day

Decided to pre work my legs before squats today.
It made for an awesome session in the early evening Jo and I.
Leg Curls 3 x 12
Leg Extensions 30 – 20 – 15 adding up
Squats 105 x 5 cycle weight then I dropped to 90kg for 8
Real deep reps
Hack Squats 3 x 12
3 x 20 weighted
Calf Raise 3 x 15
Hack Toe Press 3 x 15

Tuesday 20/9/016

Gym Brain And Brawn
Bench Day
Bench Press
Warm up then 80kg x 5 on cycle
Inclines Paused On Chest
60kg x 5 70kg x 5
Hammer Chest Press
20kg aside 3 x 12
3 x 15 – 15kg

Later that night did some abs with Lou x

Awesome sessions – feeling good as I said. Positive and injury free.
We all love to train, you really don’t know how much until the years click by and you reflect.
Being able to still ‘kill it’ as you get older is a good feeling that lives inside you.
Happy to be still cracking on.
Like an old warrior I will not go down – I will make forward progress as much as can.
Live it love it guys.
Ian x

When it's in the blood x It's there for Life x

When it’s in the blood x It’s there for Life x

All-Nighter Ramblings

I remember a few years back my son Louis coming in one Sunday morning after a sleep over at his mates.

He burst through the back door proudly exclaiming “done an all- nighter ant ah, we have not slept at all it’s been ace”.

Well off he went upstairs to get changed as we had all arranged to meet Granddad.

Louise looked at me – I smirked back trying not to laugh.

“This cannot end well,” Louise said knowing Lou and his mood when sleep is in short supply.


Molly comes down stairs dressed lovely in her Sunday best.

And Louise and I are pretty much ready to go.

I shout up stairs “LOU”.



Listened – nothing.

So I went upstairs.

There was Lou crashed out on his bed his face stuck actually to his ipad.

I shouted down to Louise and she came up with Molly.

“Look at the bloody state -all-nighter my arse ha ha”, I said.

We shook him.


We shook him harder.

With bouts of “LOU WAKE UP” in-between.


We had to be out with Granddad and could not leave him so we gave one last ditch attempt.

Otherwise it was abort the day out.

I sat him up!

It was like something out of Walking Dead (only seated) but there was life.

In the space of literally five minutes he had walked upstairs turned on his ipad and crashed.

Dropped into such a deep sleep he could not be woke.

Then –as a shock to all of us.

“I’m up” he mumbled.

All of a sudden he stood up and promptly started to get ready for school!!

Clearly he thought it was Monday.


We made it to the meal out and Lou was like a zombie till we got home. He then slept 16 hours straight.


I’m writing this journal now at 2 am in the morning.

This is my all-nighter.


Well I cannot bloody sleep, tried nothing happened so I got up and did this.


Wrote out my next 5-week goals and ‘to do list’.

This included.

Household plans and shopping lists before we go away.

Jobs that need doing and arrangements to be sorted before we all head off to Florida.


I then wrote out my training and eating plans for five weeks and then set goals for 6 months and 1 year.


Cleaned the oven!

Yep bit random… But it needed it and my plans above included cooking batches of meals.

So I wanted a fresh start on that oven.


In said –now clean oven I baked some oatcakes for breakfast not far away at this point now.


I put in a batch of washing and hung one out.

Yes stood in PJ bottoms.

In the dark.


I ironed some stuff for molly and some tracky’s for me. Then Lou’s school kit, god I’m on it for this week.


I then balanced all my banking.

Having over the last few months saved a shit load of cash for going away by having a minimalist approach to everything else.

Remember from past articles how I now handle life money and ‘things’.

I reduced and cut out all money drains.

I would rather do then have.

Over the last few months I have juggled and thought about every pound and in and out of this household. Bloody shocked even myself by how much I saved.

To spend on our holl’s having fun.

These little juggles I do I explain to the kids in every detail.

So they learn about money, value, debt and enjoying TIME living.

Louis is awesome with money and works at 14 part time and saves for months for one thing. He sets a goal and goes for it.

Molly is similar, works and has mini goals all the time.

Always they include doing something fun.

But she plans and works towards each little goal.

I am so proud of them -just as Louise is- as she is watching over them.


The Sun Coming Up A Beautiful Day Ahead x

The Sun Coming Up A Beautiful Day Ahead x


Well that’s my ramble.

Another hour or so I will walk the dog.

Then come back and get ready for school!!

Ha ha.

Have a fun day.

Love Ian x






The picture included in this journal was taken in 2007 at the NPA British whereupon I was elated to guest pose just prior to winning the worlds championships. It was an honor I will never forget as long as I live.

I have included the pic as it shows me at my best after coming back to bodybuilding after 5 years of powerlifting.

The heavy work had clearly added a new look and density to my mid forties body.


Copy of Ian Duckett at the NPA Britain 07 f


Here’s the point.

When I did powerlifting I still incorporated plenty of bodybuilding type moves. And this kept me injury free.

Years later (recently) I powerlifted again but thought as I’m older I cannot afford the recovery drain of extra moves on top of the main exercises.

This was wrong in my case as I became tight and knotted and felt as old as hell.


So I just concentrated on just being healthy, strong and mobile.

Not overly worried about the big three.

Guess what?

They went up – the more I felt ‘right’ from all planes of motion the better my main lifts.

This got me thinking to the old days, I thought to myself and laughed at the point ‘I was stronger as a body-builder’.

The pic above shows me at my most conditioned, but also one of my strongest periods in my training life. Go figure.

So with that in mind my current program is born out of a few points.


I am a powerlifted but the weight class I’m in -66kg is nearly as lean as in my bodybuilding days.

So I have to train and eat to hold my weight static-much like I did bodybuilding, and it is actually helping.


I find that I have to move so much now at my age to aid recovery, balance and agility.

This means some bodybuilding stuff, running, walking, stretching, so I have incorporated all those aspects into the program.


You think that would it would eat into your recovery, and I would have a while back said the same. But by accident, of doing lots of stuff, I found I recovered and felt so much better it’s untrue.


I will post the program up in the programs section.

So have a look and give some of the ideas a try.

Let me give you a run down of the last two days.



Squat Day

Gym Dicky’s Batley


Squats (basic cycle) 100kg 1 x 5

One Leg Leg Press

This is to balance out both legs and the range is so much fuller

2 plates and a 5kg a side tester set 12 each

2 plates and a 15kg a side 12 reps each leg main set

I start with my weaker leg, the right in my case.

Leg Curl Standing

2 plates 12 reps tester

3 plates 12 reps main set

Leg Extension 40kg x 12-tester set

62kg x 12 main set

Seated Calf Raise 3 x 12- 48kg on rickety machine

Abs 3 x 20



Bench Day

Gym Brain And Brawn


Bench Press (basic cycle) 78kg 1 x 5

Close Grip Bench with pause on chest 62.5 x 5 tester

67.5kg x 5 main set

Incline Press with pause on chest 62.5kg x 5 tester

67.5kg x 5 main set again with pause on chest

Fly 20kg x 15 tester

22.5kg x 10 main

Abs 3 x 20

Tonight I will lunge and walk to aid leg recovery.

Yes they are sore but the active recovery works wonders.

The more I move the better I feel, the stronger I am and the better I look.

Will keep you posted and write an article on recovery as I see it soon.

Love to ya all Ian x



Kindred Connection x

A much needed recovery break in Bridlington was in order this weekend.

Those that know me–know of my kindred connection with ‘Brid’.

Born and bred in the small seaside town I return to my roots as often as possible.

Jo and I and the kids Molly –Louis and Molly’s BF Cole stayed in an awesome cottage close to Danes Dyke an area of beach and rocks that once had Vikings landing their longboats there.

I love the place and it was part of the run described in my book when I was a kid.

We arrived Saturday lunch and had a chilling afternoon/evening, a meal out and a movie saw us all tired but relaxed.

A ton of fresh air and walking miles had us all sleeping like logs that night, looking forward to the Sunday and plans to train at Andy Pickering’s Universal Physique Gym just in the town.


Sunday 4th/9/016


Gym Universal Physique

Press Day – Shoulders And Arms


Front Seated Press 50kg x 8

Front Lat Raise

30-pound dumbbells tester 8 reps

Then main set 35 pound dumbbells 8 reps

Side Lat Raise

35-pound dumbbells for a tester set 8 reps

40-pound dumbbells 8 reps main set

Curls 35kg bar 8 reps for a tester

Then 45kg bar 8 reps main set

Triceps Extensions 10kg aside 8 reps tester

17.5kg aside 8 reps main set

Push Downs – Coan Style (as in Ed Coan) Grip on bar same as bench width done heavy – 70kg tester set 8 reps 80kg main set 8 reps – this was way over my 65kg bodyweight so Lou held me down

Sit Ups Incline Old School 3 x 20


Being Strong In A Shoulder Press Will Give You Mass in The Whole Shoulder Girdle x

Being Strong In A Shoulder Press Will Give You Mass in The Whole Shoulder Girdle x




Awesome session.

Really enjoying training and eating right -feel in shape.

We spent the afternoon walking on the beach and just enjoying the basics of life.

On the way home I felt good, real good -rested and recovered and ready for this week, with it being back to school week.

Yer you mum’s know what I mean.

God all those years I had it bloody easy ha ha.



Monday 5th/9/016

Gym Dickies

Squat Day

Lots of stretching and warm ups then –

Squats 95kg x 8 full deep good meet style reps


One Leg Leg Press -as I explained in another journal- with these there is more range and both legs get balanced work

2 plates aside 12 each leg tester

2 plates -plus a 12.5kg aside 12 each leg main set


Leg Curls (hammer) 1 leg 12.5kg 8 reps tester

14kg x 8 main set


Leg Extensions

45kg x 12-tester set


60kg x 12 main set


Seated Calf on the rickety but best ever machine 44kg 3 x 12

Incline Leg Raise 3 x 20



Another good strong basic session

We have a powerlifting meet in 8 weeks and the groundwork is there

Loving it – feeling real good along with all the walking and running and clean food

Check out my nutrition section for basic (but best) eating guide


While away I came up with the idea of doing a Saturday Strength Camp I will post something soon on FB.

To give you the heads up here, a power lifting strength session open to 8 -10 clients that will be run by yours truly and my sidekick Jo every week.

This will be a programmed and eating plan devised session that has a crew of us meeting on a Saturday to move some iron, get stronger and bigger.

Keep you posted on this – I just need to talk to a few people.

Love to ya all Ian x


Finding It’s Way x

Very happy at present, training is the best it has been in years (touch wood). After four years of life not being good and training being a baseline to keep all the stress together and in one place.

Training is again is now my health and strength.

Injuries are very nearly healed, close to as good as new and I feel really ‘in shape’.


Still working out this program, but that said as I am finding my way it’s sorting itself out.


Tuesday 30th /8/016

Gym Brain And Brawn Morley

Bench Day

Bench Press 72.5kg x 8 reps


Close Grip Bench with a pause on the chest

Tester set 57.5kg x 8 reps

Main Set

62.5kg paused again x 8 reps


Incline Bench- again paused

Tester set 57.5kg x 8 reps

Main – 62.5kg x 8 reps


Fly -flat bench 20kg 15 reps

Main Set

22.5kg x 12 reps

Sit Ups 5kg 3 x 20 reps



All reps smooth and precise

The main move is worked on a basic cycle over 9 – 12 weeks

Others are added to make the muscles stronger to make that base move -simply move up


65kg Of Old But Strong... and short x ha ha x

65kg Of Old But Strong… and short x ha ha x





Gym Brain And Brawn

Dead Lift Day


Good warm up then worked up to

Dead Lifts

130kg x 8 reps

Tried a new style with this sort of a half sumo style

My legs were only as wide as I squat -felt good

Will see how it goes and post a vid another time or photo


Bent Over Row

Tester 90kg x 8 reps


100kg x 8



Tester 20kg x 8 reps


25kg x 8 reps


Pull Down Hammer

Tester 20kg aside x 8 reps


35kg aside x 8 reps


Bent Over Lat Raise

Tester 12.5kg x 12 reps

Main 15kg x 12 reps

Finish With

Calf Raise 60kg 3 x 12



Good strong session

Even though I’m very lean I feel real good – strong – and much more in there yet

Thanks to Jo Vin Debs x


Train hard eat clean guys love Ian x


Back To It x

After an awesome but busy week and weekend, what with the UKDBF show yesterday and this and that.

This morning felt good to be back into my normal routine.

Debs did fantastic in the figure class yesterday coming in 2nd after a few years away from the stage. Very proud of her.

Back to it this week now and on to the next.

I am still settling into a program here that will cover all of our needs. Strength -size-fitness -and a stage ready body.

As I structure this first true training week I will outline things for you guys if you’re interested.

At present, though I’m leaning towards a base movement for each body-part and two or three assistance movements.

So big move followed by precise.

The big move – squat -bench -dead lift – shoulder press on a basic cycle.

The assistance – 1 tester set – 1 all out set for prescribed reps.

That’s how the last couple of sessions fell into place and I like it.


Today’s session


Gym Dickies Batley


Squats on a basic cycle – today had me at 90kg x 8 after warm ups and stretching

One Leg Leg Press

This is as it says on the tin

One leg at a time

Place the foot into the center of the footplate and as the weight sled comes down – allow your thigh to come to the side of your ribs

The advantage of this way of leg pressing is …

It balances both legs out – (I still have a weak right)

It allows for more range of movement

Really loved these today

1 plate aside warm up 12 each

2 plates aside tester set 12 each

2 and a half plates aside 12 all out reps each

I started with my weak side every time — then just matched with the other leg

Leg Curls One Leg

This was on a hammer machine

Again one leg at a time

Oddly left is weaker on this movement

1 tester set of 8

1 all out set of 8

Leg Extensions 37.5kg tester set 12 reps

52kg 12 all out reps

Seated Calf 40kg the old rickety machine – that is the best one I have ever used 3 x 12


Leg Raise 3 x 20


Ace session

Great focus and pace

Loved it – thank you Jo and Vin


Old School

I am so loving Saturday morning training. Its like I’m a kid again. With not working now on Saturdays I can get up and after sorting the kids…think training.

I know -I know- sad old git ha ha.

But it is awesome, it’s like back in the old days when I had time to train eat and recover. Before work squeezed simple things out.

Even more of a ‘back to the old days feel’, we trained at Dickies this morning. As you may know from my other journals its a real old school gym.

At least 30 years old – and equipment dating back, some of it to the 70’s.

It’s not everyone’s taste in this day and age of wonder kit. But it sure is mine.

Gym Dickies Batley

Shoulders And Arms


Seated Front Press (not rack but on a old school seated press behind neck bench) 47.5 kg 2 x 8


Front Lat Raise (two dumbbells at thighs palms facing each other -raise to eye level touching bells together) 25 pound dumbbells 8 reps 35 pound dumbbells 8 reps


Side Lat Raise 30 pound dumbbells 8 reps 40-pound dumbbells 8 reps


Curls 70 pound bar 8 reps 90 pound bar 8 reps

Old School Made Up Welded Bars x They Beg To Be Lifted -Like They Have For Years x

Old School Made Up Welded Bars x They Beg To Be Lifted -Like They Have For Years x



Extensions -using a late 70’s bar that has your palms facing each other (hammer). This bar I use to see advertised in Bodybuilding monthly in the 70’s -80’s and was sold by The Bodyshop in Dewsbury. Just down the road from the gym, so it all clicks.

Loved the feel and the history behind this bar. How many guys have used this over the years to kill their triceps?

14kg aside 8 reps

16kg aside 8 reps

Awesome Bar And Awesome Feel x

Awesome Bar And Awesome Feel x



Push Downs – on a real old pull down machine -with only 2 pulleys on it – this made it real heavy.

I wedged my knees on the seat while standing up to it and powered hard but strict.

6 plates 8 reps

8 plates 8 reps


Incline Sit Ups – on a Rocky style old sit up board and ladder. Awesome for abs 3 x 20 on a high incline killed us off Jo -Vin and I.



After this awesome session it was eggs and toast -good basic food after a good basic session.

Roll on Monday – Legs!

Have an awesome weekend love to ya all Ian


Finding Our Feet

Over the last couple of weeks mine/our training has been all over the place to accommodate shows meets and what-nots.
Things are settling now and I have a plan in mind for a powerlifting meet in November.
Jo will do the same as me- but Debs maybe will have just about finished with figure shows for this year by then.
So we see her next goal/goals unfold, and plan from there.

Over the next couple of sessions I will find mine/our feet and then train and plan according to feedback.

At the present I weigh a very tight 65kg and the weight class is 66 so I need to stay around this weight.
This is easy done and I will outline my diet for you over the weekend.
Its working very well, I feel very good, healthy, strong and mobile.

I have been enjoying, running, long walks and body-building stuff in with the heavy work and will keep that in. Full on power stuff just locks me up and I feel terrible.
So I will keep the other bits and bobs in.

Decided to rest yesterday and do chest today and shoulders and arms tomorrow. Then start afresh on Monday when I have had chance to think things through more.

Today’s chest session was a base power bodybuild one.






Gym Brain And Brawn Morley

Bench Press 1 x 8 at 70kg
Close Grip 2 x 8 at 60kg with a long pause on the chest
Incline Bench 60kg 2 x 8 again long pause on chest
Flat Fly 17.5kg x 15 20kg x 15
Incline Sit Ups 3 x 20

I have had real good results with this type of session in the past its based on a Coan program.
All weights where low but reps very strict and perfect.
Steadily does it till I find the grove of a new session.
Even though it was not all out it was a really good session, based on concentration and style of movement.
Looking forward to tomorrow, it will be a base move and some bodybuilding strengthening muscle work.
Roll on.
Love to ya all Ian x