My training and thoughts including training videos and demonstrations.

Burning Desire

I have been a bit quite of late, mainly because life has been a little busy.

In a good way I might add, November and December being particularly cluttered with both kids birthdays and Christmas.

Having got through those months we have hit the road running in this New Year. We have so many plans and goals that just need some foundation under them as a family, main holidays need to be set and saved towards.

The kids are just awesome – seeing life opening up in front of them is like living again. Exciting times ahead for them and I could not be any more proud then now.




After years of treading water so to speak with my training, I never stopped and still trained hard, but at a much lower level of focus. I had far more pressing issues in life to attend to.

Life now is a little more balanced, not the same as the past- but better than the last few years.

With this has come a renewed passion for training again.

I feel excited and very positive regarding gains -expecting changes weekly.

I feel like a kid again – the energy, focus and intensity are as good as ever.

I am sometimes lost in my own little world, lost in the feeling and visualisation of the old days. My mind flashes to past workouts and shows, even old training quarters–old cellar walls covered in tatty ripped out pages from muscle builder magazine. Robby – Zane – Coe – Padilla and Arnold watch my every move as I absorb inspiration from their incredible physiques.


Training with my eyes closed I am transported back and my body knows no difference. Lost in the set of dumbbell bench press—rep after rep –the body is alive and feeling ever inch –burning –pumping –contracting.

I finish the set and sit up placing the dumbbells to the floor, I catch my eyes in the mirror; I see an older self-looking back. I grow 15 seconds older – grab the dumbbells lay back and I’m instantly transported back in time again.

I’m home again – back after years of wandering – always a body-builder.



As always my nutrition is basic -but also instinctive. What I mean by this is after all these years I can read the signs my body gives me. I have eaten clean for so long and so healthy that given my activity and hard training my body tells me its needs. Along with this ‘tuning’ in to my bodies needs – I have also the knowledge to ‘add to’ this with the supplements that will give maximum benefit from my food and training.

At the present my diet consists of hardly any meat. Chicken is maybe eaten at 1 or 2 meals per week.

My main protein source is eggs– fish is also eaten 4 to 5 times a week for 1 meal of the day, this is just me – I am following my instincts with awesome results.

My system at this point now is repelling those normal ‘bodybuilder’ foods, you know, chicken –beef and so on.

Eating as I am at present I feel incredible, and my energy and performance in the weight room is, as I said as good as the old days.

I have also been using amino acids with awesome results.

I mentioned these in a nutrition article recently and I have moved into further use.

I take a full spectrum amino complex in capsule form, 5 to be exact, 15 -20 minutes before each meal. I also take BCAA before training, after and at bedtime.

Along with my clean diet – positive mindset -focused training -these have increased muscle mass at a very lean off/on season.

The ones I use are from Allsports of Doncaster – I’m not sponsored or anything like that – but I’m telling you after all my years of research they are some of the best I have ever used. Plus I can get them all the time, as they are local.

Trust me — research amino’s — they have for me done everything they say on the tin.


That’s all for my ramble today folks -I will pop up some of the workouts I have doing up, you may like to give them a try. They are like old school back to the future sessions.

I am sure you will enjoy the hard work. Love to ya all Ian x


Pure x

Oldies – can you remember the days when you started out in this sport?

Can you remember an uncluttered life when training was pure and exciting?

Ah those good old days eh, and the gains -wow the gains seemed to appear week upon week.

Life was simple -gym -work -eat -sleep.

I had a sort of humble start, living on my own at 15 -but those where happy formative years that built the foundation of today.

I had nothing to my name and worked to feed my passion.

Money was not a worry,  as I had no overheads or outgoings, as long as I could cover the basics and food, and now and then buy a book I was happy.

Life was simple -basic -uncluttered -pure.

This led to incredible gains in the gym.

You young guns – savor this time in your life – its years before you live this over again.


19 and on my way x

19 and on my way x


Fast forward -I’m 51 and life is simple. I seem to have come full circle; training is pure and exciting again. Gone has basic ‘life’ stress -the normal stuff we all have to step up too.

Happiness is my tight knit family world-with no external stress at all, work is writing a book or two.

So yes it’s full circle – pure again – basic and happy.

And this equals gains -in body and mind. It’s the old good days now.


Here are a couple of sessions I did recently.




Leg Extensions 30 – add up – 20 – add up 12-rest pause 2 reps -then 2 forced

Hacks 10 reps tester

90kg 10 reps rest pause 2 reps

Squats 10 reps tester

95k 12 reps deep and non-lock out

Leg Curl 10 reps tester

Then 12 reps fail

Combo with Leg Press 5 plates a side 20 reps feet high on foot plate to stress the hamstrings

Calve Raise 130kg – 3 x 15 with forced reps

Abs Crunch Machine -and Leg Raise 3 rounds



Chest And Back


Incline Press

15 add up 12 add up 10 add up 8

Incline Fly

Combo with

Flat Dumbbell Press

3 rounds 12 – 15 reps


Chins 15 – 12 – 10 – 8

Bent Over Rows

These are my fave back move at the moment. I have changed the style after reading one of my journals from late 80’s and remembered this style. I have for years powered them to my lower abs with a close grip and 70 degree angle with my torso.

This new/old style has me horizontal to the floor and not moving an inch, with a just wider than shoulder width grip (so my arms pull up at right angles) I pull to lower pec.

No jerk – just a smooth pull and negative.

This way of doing them makes my upper back scream for mercy.

When I rack the bar I have to do a little run on the spot to release the pain in my lats and upper back.

You can see from the picture the arm position and touching point for the bar. Awesome movement.

4 x 12


No Body English at All -Pure Movement x

No Body English at All -Pure Movement x




Shrugs 3 x 12

Abs Leg Raise 6 sets


Enjoy the day guys – keep it pure x Love to ya all Ian x




Loving It x

I know I keep banging on about how good training is at the moment.

I’m sorry- cannot help myself.

Training is really good at moment ha ha.

Frigging love this shit.

Sorry – but it is, I am excited, focused and enjoying every minute of every session.


Over the last few weeks we have done

1 Chest Shoulders Triceps

2 Back Biceps

3 Legs

Two days on one off for the better part

Exercises have been anything – sets anything – just good old work.

The next few weeks are

1 Chest And Back

2 Shoulders And Arms

3 Legs

Two days on one off

Just keep the order above and run it … simple’s

Calves and abs most days





Here are a couple of programs I did on the first program


Chest Shoulders Triceps


Hammer Press


Add up


Add up


Add up




Add up


Add up


Add up


Cross Overs 3 x 20

Shoulder Press


Add up


Add up


Add up


Lat Raise

3 x 12

Push Down 15 –add up -12 add up -10 add up 8 –add up 6 –then drop 20

Dips 2 x 20


Every two to three weeks we do a power day – when we feel like it this is just to keep a hand in the power work for powerlifting


We did this on Sunday

This was legs for me a Power Day

Leg Ex 3 x 30

Hyper Ex 3 x 15

This was warm ups

Squats 80kg – 12

90kg – 10

100kg – 8

110kg – 6

120kg – 3

Done as an I go you go, very quick


Dead Lifts 100kg – 12

120kg – 10

140kg – 8

160kg – 6

170kg – 3

Again done fast very little rest


Started on chest and back today an awesome session

I will jot that out for you in a day or so

Loving training ha ha x

Hope you are too –your only here once so enjoy x

Love to ya all Ian

Old But -Cracking On x

I am training more days now then at any other time in my career.

I’m 51 and should not be able to do this amount of work.

But I can and I’m making awesome progress.

Here’s why.

No stress – simple – no stress in life these days.

So basically there is much more of my bodies resources to aid recovery and growth, as it’s not all being used for everyday life/work/bills –stress.

So I’m taking full advantage of this.

Training when I had a huge business (for me) and lots of outgoings took its toll on my recovery. As it would, I was working at some points through the years 80 -or more hours a week plus life responsibilities and also training. So training was no more than 3 hours a week even towards shows.


I often tried to do more -but always broke down. Life and work was far more important, so I trained with what I had left.


Now life is dialed down, the only work I do now is write, plus in the new-year a few posing camps and that’s it.

I’m on top of life – household outgoings, the kids are covered and are just awesome and I could never be prouder of them.

They blow me away by the way they are taking on life.

So—with life as it is I have much more resources left within me to train, even at my age I feel better than ever.

I train as many days a week as I feel necessary and days off as needed.

My body has defiantly taken on a growth spurt with this added training stimuli and mindful working focus to the task ahead.



Following are a couple of sessions I did recently with the gang



Back Biceps

Abs to start

Sit Ups Incline 3 x 20

Combo with

Leg Raise Incline 3 x 20

Broom Stick Twist 3 x 100


Pull Downs 5 x 12

A weight that made 12 hard – 4th and 5th sets killed

Bent. Over Rows 5 x 12

On these I bent over so I was horizontal to the floor. The bar was gripped at just over shoulder width. I pulled the bar to rib cage, not waist – this was much more effective. I never moved anything other than my elbows going up, no body English at all.

The feel in my upper back/lat’s was awesome.

Low Rows 5 x 10

This was pulled to lower abs – with a small V bar.


Seated Dumbbell Curls

8 add up 8 add up 6 add up 6 drop 8

Curls Bar 5 x 5 hardly any rest count to 5 and go again


Wrist Curls 5 x 15

Combo with

Standing Calve 5 x 12

Seated 5 x 15

This whole session was done really fast –very little recovery between sets



This was today


Very simple…

Leg Curl 15

Leg Press 15

Squats 15

Hack Squats With A Barbell 15

Three giant sets non-stop


Finished with neck 3 x 20 plate raise


The squat was very hard – I choose a weight that had me have to pause at 10 — I then rest paused the last 5 — hard as hell



As you can see the work has jumped forward for me.

Recovery is good, feel very good.

Still walking -stretching – and eating very well.

Its amazing the amount of work you can do without life stress.

Must get that article done on reducing outgoings and overheads for you.

Until next time – train hard eat clean Ian x


Early Morning Killers x

Just busting with energy at the moment. Each day I’m up around 4 and walk Daisy my dog. This time is essential to me (and Daisy but in a different way) as I have time to think about the day ahead and set foot into my goals each day. Other days when I’m tuned in to those goals I listen to podcasts. I have some favorites I listen to often, guests such as Doug Brignole and Brooks Kubik. Also the Diet Coach-Tad Inoue does some awesome interviews – very different in his approach with his guests, very positive and deep.

After a walk I will swig a coffee and read something inspiring. This further puts me in a state to tear up the gym. After 20 min or so I’m chomping at the bit.

I head to the gym or train at home with either Jo or the guys.

Normally at this point I’m very quite and deep in focus.

This is something Jo has not sussed out yet even after a few years of training together- probably because she has not seen this ‘show level’ of focus.

So prior to training she’s asks, “you ok”?

“Just focused” is my answer-and we crack on.


Following are a couple of really good sessions we had recently.   


On The Wall In My Gym x  My Focus/Goal. Note Louis added a note that has been there a few years x

On The Wall In My Gym x
My Focus/Goal. Note Louis added a note that has been there a few years x



Back Biceps

Pull Down Hammer (although normal pull down will do)


Add Up


Add Up


Add Up

This one was a drop set

5 – drop down plate  – 5 – drop again – 5 to finish


T Bar Rows

A weight that had me just get 3 x 12


Now these are really hard as the above was done very fast and the ache in my lats was awesome

3 x 8 with forced reps


Incline Dumbbell Curls

3 sets going to fail — as many as I could strict on the incline then I sat up on the end of the bench and continued till fail

Reps – 12 – 15

E Z Bar Close Grip Curls 3 x 15 very strict and constant tension – never pausing a second

Calves later in the day as in last journal

My treasured photos of Bill Pearl and one of chris Dickerson from the 80's looking awesome x

My treasured photos of Bill Pearl and one of chris Dickerson from the 80’s looking awesome x




This was this morning, early at home

Leg Extensions 30 reps pre set

Add weight 20 reps

Add – 15 reps

Add – 10 reps – drop set 5 — drop again 10

Leg Curls Seated 3 x 15


2 light constant tension sets of 20 this was a killer

Then after the pump and pain stuff…



Add up


Add up


Add up

115kg now hard after pre work stuff –done very deep

Plus we moved very fast only weight on or off was the slight rest we had


Drop down in weight

Front Squat 2 x 10 very hard at this point now, again very little rest



Outside down the street 150 lunges non-stop


I will do calves later today


Buzzing day – hope all you guys are well.

Love to ya all Ian x


Calves x

Really I could laugh, me – yes me writing an article on calf training.

They have been the bloody hardest area for me to develop over the years.

They are still not ‘awesome’ now. But – but they have improved a hell of a lot. More, if I’m honest even with a positive mind- more than I thought they would.

So yes, I thought to myself what have I got to offer the reader here with my ‘ok’ calves.

But thinking deeper – I see there is plenty to offer.

If you wanted to be a millionaire and wanted to understand the strategies of how to successfully do that. Would you ask someone who inherited the money or a self made millionaire?

So I had shit calves and made them good – if you want to improve yours read on.


Posing Between Sets x

Posing Between Sets x



First let’s cover the rules


Train them more, 3 – 4 days a week works well for me any more they draw off (look thin) any less look under-trained. Find your sweet spot.


Never do the same exact session each time. Change it up constantly.


Full range — this is a must.

All the way up on the big toe and toe next to it, and a deep stretch…always.

Also on standing and toe presses have your knees unlocked this promotes a much better contraction. This has been the main difference in gains so don’t miss this point.


Wear shorts – as in Arnold did years ago to make him aware of his poor underpins. I have taken to doing this every leg session and on calf sessions if I’m wearing track pants I pull them up. Seeing them I’m telling you makes you work them harder and with concentration.


Do So from Many Angles -And Contract Hard x

Do So from Many Angles -And Contract Hard x



Here are two sessions I did recently


Standing Calf Raise

Think of a weight on the stack that would be a hard 10 (doing full range -real reps) and then split that stack into 3rds.

Top 3rd set 1 – 30 reps

Add down to 2nd 3rd now set 2 -20 reps

Add down now to your 10-rep weight – yes you guessed it set 3 – 10 reps

Set 4 – stay at top weight do 10 again -immediately drop to your 20-rep weight do 10 – drop again to your first weight 10 again.

During the first 3 sets above rest 30 seconds but don’t really!

As you are stood off the machine rock on your toes. Yes rock a little bit on the ball of your foot bounce even just an inch or so but don’t leave the floor, just heals. Do this for 20 seconds at least.

This is again an old Labrada technique.


Seated Calve Raise

3 x 15 reps

Again full range

Rest 30 seconds but get off the machine and stretch hard each calf then pose each calf – then get back on and off you go.


Toe Press On Leg Press

Pick a weight to get 10 reps (full range) knees bent slightly and locked like that.

Now do 10 -rest pause a few seconds – 5 reps — again rest pause 5 reps

Do 3 total sets of 20 rest pause reps.

Again get off the machine and bounce and grip the floor with those toes – this adds to the tension in the muscle massively.

Job done.


Another Session

Toe Press

As above but 3 x 15 no rest pause

Stretch and pose on these in-between sets



3 x 20

Just pose from lots of different angles in between sets of these



Here is the main dish in this program

3 x 50 reps a weight that would allow 30 to 40 but rest pause the set to 50

Do your rocks – and try and walk after ha ha



Reps are all over and that’s good –lots of different rep rages are needed.


These are my main three moves, but at times I may do donkeys or one leg dumbbell raise. The different moves offer a slightly different feel and tension from different angles and this adds to all round development and keeps the muscle from adapting. The difference in reps also does this.


Many times during a set I want to stop – the pain is unbearable, but I keep going till the movement stops then I rest pause. Again till the movement fails and not my mind.


Again – not awesome calves -but good for me.

With these ideas you may in time have awesome calves.

So dig in and work at them.

Train hard and smart – Ian x


Old School Leg Training x

It’s been a long time since this feeling has been in my heart.

Year’s in-fact and it feels good, real good.

To be honest I thought I was done with bodybuilding, really did.

Over the last few years I had lost my love and passion for something that had been nothing but faithful and good to me.

Then in just one night it all came rushing back into my body like I had been plugged into some high voltage motivation socket. As the weeks have passed the love and passion has grown more intense, it feels so good I find myself giddy with renewed excitement of it all.


One area I have been real excited to be able to train hard again is legs. For long-term reader’s -you know I had an injury to my leg. For the newbies here, basically I fell forward with a heavy squat and sustained the worst injury I have ever had. Not just in my leg but shoulder back and hip. Took over 16 months till I could do anything of any substance. Working around those injuries is highly documented in my Old But Strong Book.


I made some changes to my leg training with awesome results recently.

Here are a couple for you to try.

A few rules here.

1/ Move fast –not in reps but time between sets. If you work with a partner – as soon as they get off the kit – you get on. Move -move -move. If you doordal the session will be very wishy-washy. If you train on your own count out the reps you did (as if you had a training partner with you) and resume your next set.

2/ When it gets tough -toughen up.

Push your boundaries of pain, you need to feel an incredible pump- and that will only come by gritting it out on those last few reps of a high rep set. Think to yourself -“I’m going to blow these legs up so much I will hardly be able to walk”.


These two sessions have been influenced by body-builders of the 90’s. You will note the reference as we proceed along here.

Coming back they are x Happy chap x

Coming back they are x Happy chap x



This session we did recently at Gold’s in Florida.


Leg Extensions 30 reps pre set

Then add weight to allow 15 reps and a hard 15

This would go like this

15 reps set 1

Reduce weight 1 plate 15 reps set 2

Reduce weight 1 plate 15 reps set 3


Leg Press Feet Low On Plate

20 reps pre set

Then add weight to allow 20 hard reps

Set 1 20 reps barely able to do them..

Reduce a plate aside

Set 2 20 reps

Reduce a plate aside again

Set 3 20 reps

This reduction is called reverse direction training and was used heavily by Lee Labrada. Start with your heaviest weight for prescribed reps then reduce over the other sets.



Now legs are really pumped this makes these very hard.

These are now worked low reps so I cover all bases of rep ranges and intensity.

Set 1 5 reps

Add up

Set 2 5 reps

Add up

Set 3 5 reps — top weigh for 5 (very hard)

Set 4 reduce – 5 reps

Set 5 reduce -5 reps


Hack Squats

Static weight 3 x 12 constant tension- deep no lock out

Leg Curls

Top weight 15

Reduce set 2 – 15

Reduce set 3 – 15

Calves I will cover again in a separate article.


This session was done at Dickies Batley recently.


Walk to the gym – 1 hour then stretch.

Leg Extensions 30 reps pre set

Leg Extensions

Top weight 15 set 1

Reduce 1 plate 15 set 2

Reduce 1 plate 15 set 3

Same as in the other program –based on Labrada.


Leg Press Duck Style Feet Wide Toes Turned Out Feet Low On Plate.

Pre set 10 reps

Then top weight 20 set 1

Same weight 20 set 2

Add weight 10 reps then drop weight and another 10 set 3

These are a Jeff King movement.

I have also on other programs added front squats like King used to do.

Look him up.

These leg presses killed my whole leg and they swelled right up before my eyes.



Same as in the other program 5 sets up to a top 5 for the day then down 2 sets.


Roman Chair Squats

3 x 20 fast – no lock out constant tension.


Stiff Leg Dead Lifts

These are done with a bar and at the top of each rep I pulled my heals in and contracted my hams as if on stage

3 x 15 same weight


Hyper Extensions

3 x 12 — no weight but again posing at the top of each rep.



As you can see the reps are all over. This will cover all bases of growth and quality.

Heavy stuff is still there but further in the session.

This makes (for me) the muscle work and not the joints and connective tissue.

I don’t go to mad on hamstrings as they are worked so much squatting and dead lifting.

Calves are doing well and I will cover them more in another article.

Keep on doin wot ya love Ian x




Back In The Trenches x

Following are four sessions I have just covered over the last few days.

Saturday 8/10

Shoulders And Biceps

Dickies Gym Batley

10 am

The gym from my home is an hour’s walk that I enjoyed immensely.

The day was stunning and fresh and while walking I listened to a podcast featuring Skip Lacour.

This put me in a real good mind state to smash it today.

The walk also warmed my core temp up and within minutes of being in the gym, after a few warm ups the gang and I cracked on.


Lat Raise 40 – 30 – 20-pound dumbbells 2 drop sets 10 reps each

That’s 30 reps total –partner went –then me again


Shoulder Press On Universal Machine

1/2 stack 15 reps

Combo with

Nautilus Rear Machine 1/4 stack 15 reps

3 rounds nonstop

Front Raise One Dumbbell 30 pound 3 x 15 reps

Love this movement for biceps x

Love this movement for biceps x

Curls Incline

Adding Up

20 pounds 15 reps

30 pounds 10 reps

35 pounds 6 reps

These are done very strict with my elbows never moving from pointing straight down.

I also never turn them a full 360 at the bottom, but only to the point of palms facing each other.

When there is a full twist you do gain some momentum to the start of the movement, this I do not want.

From the initial twist – my palms will face the ceiling for 98% of the movement also-this really works the biceps and pre fatigues you for …

Bar Curls




Made up pound barbell’s

6 reps each – 2-drop sets as in the lat raise …

So 6 with 70 – no rest 6 with 50 – no rest 6 with 40

Vince did his 3 drops

Then I did another


Hammer Curls 35-pound dumbbells 3 x 6 reps

Calf Work

This I have been working very hard on with good results

I have not trained them hard enough over the years – only when I know I’m getting on stage do I concentrate more on them.


Standing Machine

1/4 stack 50 reps

1/2 stack 30 reps

3/4 stack 20 reps

Some of these I had to rest pause them


I looked through old notes from years ago and remembered a technique I had forgot.

When performing standing calf raise keep your legs locked in a slightly bent position.

So – your knees are slightly bent, lock them in that position.

Do not thrust from your knees -and use your quads.

Now stretch and raise high on your big toe and the toe next to it and the ball of your foot.

You will find the contraction harder at the top with your legs bent and using that part of your foot.

When I did this again and for a huge variety of reps ranges my calves killed me and within weeks looked fuller.

After standing I did

Seated 3 x 15

Toe Press On Universal Leg Press

Again knees bent but locked 3 x 15

This type of training and style has made very mediocre calves good -not awesome but good

Awesome session thank you

Jo, Deb – Vin


Monday 10/10  


Gym Dickies Batley



This was an absolutely awesome session that today has me hobbling around.

Over the last few weeks before deciding on competing I did a little bit of an experiment on my legs.

Mainly because of the injury I had – I needed to see if the high reps and sets would improve fullness and condition -knowing that a year from now I would be back to top form.

Well the training worked and I set the goal in motion.

My legs over the last few years have not been worked hard enough for the stage -heavy (for powerlifting) but not hard.

I have the type of body that needs to be on point at all times otherwise I loose tissue.

The heavy stuff gives ‘me’ thickness but not that muscular roundness and shape.

But after a few weeks with a variety of reps and sets I could see a huge change.

Just a point here – this is muscle I have had in the past – so if your oldish like me – you may want to try this rep stuff.

I feel really -really good at moment and excited to see stuff I have not seen in years.


Leg Extensions

30 reps

Add up

20 reps

Add up

10 reps

These combo with

Leg Curls 3 x 20 reps



Front Squats

Legs already pre fatigued made these hard but nice and fluid

60kg x 5 reps

70kg x 5 reps

80kg x 5 reps

90kg x 5 reps


After the lower reps time to ramp it up again

Hack Squat

Dickies has an awesome hack squat machine, I think it is a 1980’s one so it is not like the ones today.

You cannot use a huge amount of weight, as the angle is steep but bang on

The lower quads scream for mercy- love it.

80kg x 15 reps

85kg x 15 reps

90kg x 15 reps

Adding up like this and striving to reach those reps made these 3 sets torture.

When I got off the machine my lower quad was cramping and really pumped.

Having an intense head on now – I wanted to push it just a little more.

I felt good – so…

Leg Press

4 plates 50 reps

6 plates 30 reps

That finished it.


Weighted Crunch 10kg 3 x 20

Leg Raise 3 x 20


Tuesday 11/10

Chest And Triceps

Gym Brain And Brawn



I had slept all twisted up and my right shoulder was sore when I awoke.

Since this is a 6am session I needed to loosen it up.

I found the pain to be at the front delt but on trying to find the tightness found it originated at the back of my armpit, just a little below the rear delt.

I got my fingers in and give the area a good mashing and in a few minutes all was good.

At the gym I further sorted the area by doing a 100 band pulls.

Then I was good to go.

Hammer Press Machine

30 reps

Add up

20 reps

Add up

10 reps



Incline Dumbbell Press

20 reps

Add up

15 reps

Add up

10 reps



Thick Bar Rack Press

Off the bottom pins

60kg x 5 reps

70kg x 5 reps

80kg x 5 reps

90kg x 5 reps


I have kept a file on Labrada for years -with old articles from way back x Again love this movement x

I have kept a file on Labrada for years -with old articles from way back x Again love this movement x



Dumbbell Extensions

Love these and have on and off done them most of my training life

I picked the style of these from great Lee Labrada

9kg x 20 reps

10kg x 15 reps

12.5kg x 10 reps

Then Rope Push Downs

5 x 20

I had done at this point shit loads of pressing and needed ‘I felt’ to isolate the tri’s


Calf Work

Toe Press 3 x 30

One Leg Calf Raise 5 x 10 each


Wednesday 12/10


Gym Brain And Brawn


This was an awesome session; hours later writing this my back still feels full and worked.

Under Hand Grip Hammer Pull Downs

30kg aside 3 x 15 reps

This led to pre fatigued..

Chins Just Wider Than Shoulder Width Grip

8 – 6 – 6 holding the contraction at the top


Bent Over Rows

Wide Grip Pulling To Abs

70kg 3 x 10 reps


Rack Dead Lifts

140kg 3 x 10 reps


Shrugs 3 x 15 reps


Abs to wrap up

Weighted Crunch 3 x 20 10kg

Leg Raise 3 x 20


Loved theses sessions.

Even though there is a lot of work I feel real good. My recovery is much better these days as I work very little and free of stress.

This is one of the reasons I thought of competing again, simply because I have life in order, and I can do it better than in the past.


I will post some more training journals while away – as we fly to Florida in the morning.

Train hard and smart guys love to ya all Ian x




Freestyle It x

This will be one of those ‘rambling’ on articles I’m afraid.

Purely because it’s really hard to concise this information here and neatly package it.

But I’m hoping that you can still gain something from it.

Sometimes its one little thing you pick up that can make a huge difference in your life and training.


So here goes – I am just going to spit stuff out and hope it lands right side up.


The Goal

As you may have read in my last journal – I have a goal to take to the stage again.

It’s not a comeback -(even though I have had more of them than Rocky) but a divergent from powerlifting.

Even though I’m still powerlifting with two meets coming up. I realised powerlifting just breaks me up and I’m actually stronger as a body-builder. Yep you read that right, when I just train and not focus on the big three, I actually lift more on the big three.

I worked this out over the last six months. Whenever I set myself into a base plan for powerlifting a few weeks in things start to lock up.

I feel drained from the inside out, systematically jigged if you will.

When I just trained ‘normal’ with no plan other than training hard and not being a pussy. I got stronger and stronger.

Here’s my take on this.

My body is unable to recover from the heavy–heavy stuff.

But it can from not so heavy even though it’s four times the volume and days of training.

Yes, you could say only train a few days a week on the big moves and you will recover.

Doesn’t work for me- my body just withers away, and in-turn I get even more niggles as I’m not using the ‘machine’ -it rusts up.


To Ridged And I Crack

I need sometimes lead with my mind or follow with my body.

Training for me at this point in my training life and age has to be more ‘fluid’ for want of a better word.

I can when training fluidly move further forward.

Rather like a fast flowing river finding its way through rocks and debris. It finds its way naturally, flows fast and flows slow but never stops forward progress to its goal.


Thing is – I love and crave structure and strict regimentation. Always have, so this is very hard for me to accept. But I have to in order for my body to not break down because of restrictions of age and recovery.

So my nature being as it is, in order to control something I have turned my regimentation to food and let my training roam free.



If I’m stuck to a program, as I did for years I may add, I always had a plan.

But now if such a plan calls for bench press at a certain weight for a prescribed number of reps and I feel nothing but grinding in my joints, I’m really not doing myself any favors. But, me being me would normally push on- bad idea.


So as I said I would invariably break something, not smart I know, too much aggression and not enough smarts.

So as time has gone on and I have worn tired of banging my head on the wall, I have at last seen the light.

I would over the past few years give myself a good talking to, but really not listen. But then one day it hit home.


Train Hard But Smart

Hard for even me to grasp, but I’m just going to say it.

I have no routine!

Arhhhhh – god I feel like an addict or something.

Taking a deep breath and admitting something to myself and others.

So again—I have no routine.

No plan.

No set reps or sets.

No set exercises.

Phewwww – but I do know what body part I’m going to train.

But as far as that nothing else.


This so bloody odd for me -but do you know what?

Its bloody working better than I would have ever thought possible.

A few years ago I would have fought you tooth and nail, no way is that going to work.

But it will and does for someone like myself who is advanced in years and years of training.

I would not advocate this ‘non structure’ routine for a young up and comer.

The young guy needs structure needs steady progression and a solid foundation.

Old guys like me -have had years of the above and if I maybe so bold to say only need to maintain the foundation built.

This does not mean -not progress as I have all intention of progressing and improving.

But at this stage in my training life there are many more aspects to increasing muscle size than lifting heavy.

These aspects come from quality work in lots of different rep ranges, intensity’s and volume.

This has been achieved for me by out of the box training sessions.

A huge diversity of reps movements and angles I have employed with huge success.

Reps have been at 50 – 30 – 20 – and as low as 5. Sets per body part as high as 18 -20 and as low as 6, its never the same as it’s all by feel.

If I could put it in a sentence it would be.

Kick the shit out of the muscle till you know you have done enough.


Many times – upon feeling good on old structured programs I would do my ‘planned’ session and really feel I could have done more.

So with this ‘freestyle’ training I go by how my mind and body feel.

I have trained long enough to no longer paint by numbers if you will.

I am a training artist at this life stage and need to do what needs to be done by feel.

So if I come in the gym and I want to dead lift – it can be anywhere in the program start middle end and for any reps. I may start out doing them and my body is fluid and everything clicks right, well on that day it maybe 180kg for low reps. Another day 140kg for high, dead lifts may not even be in the picture.

Do you see the reasoning behind this?

When you’re older you have to listen to YOU.


Wrap Up

My goal is the stage next year.

I want to be the best I can be at 51/52 and I’m too proud not to give it all I have.

So I need to listen to my mind and body, and you if your like me advanced you need to listen to yourself.

Ideas you soak up – and use what’s of use to you, discard the rest.

I will post my sessions up and give you some thing’s to try and with the right mindset you will progress.


An odd post I know.

But an honest one as always, I am gaining back so much muscle it’s exciting that my body is changing so fast.

I want to help you and I can only do that by telling you like it is.

I’m only like you — I have only been 50 once -not lived before so I’m still learning and finding my way.

Hope I can help you find your way too.

Ian x





Old Classic x

The seed was planted in my mind a year ago, but lay buried through an entire season before there was any spark of life.

All but forgotten as the wishes of an old man, odd times it would there would be a flick of hope and life to the idea. Only to be killed off by the negatives of mind, too old, injuries, what’s the point, had my time, and many-many more.


Pro Am Trophy Behind Me -Next Year Will Mark 10 Years Since x

Pro Am Trophy Behind Me -Next Year Will Mark 10 Years Since x

Then a day just like any other -gently ticked its way into night.

A night I will never forget.

Saturday the 17th of September 016.

This was my ‘All Night Ramblings’ article you may have read here, but there was much more to that night.

Now – I’m going to give you here my exact words written in my journal that night.

Don’t think badly of me – some of it looking over it makes me sound up myself.

Look, I’m just giving you honesty.

That way then you can look inside yourself and find something you can be passionate about.

We are only here once – live it.

Anyway here’s me — my words my mind.

Journal Entry Sat/17/9/016

Writing this at 12 am Sat night -couldn’t sleep.

It’s 5 weeks till I’m 51 on Monday- been ill but feeling better and motivated to do something.

Goal 1

Look awesome at 51

Goal 2

Train for the Pro Am next year.

Freak everyone out at 51-52.

Be complete, be full, be shredded, and pose better than ever.

This will have many advantages and pluses.

One is Louis will see me do this with balls and focus.

Two -book sales and it will help Lou take over the business.

Three Jo will be best she has ever been because our training and prep will take a much higher level.

The harder I train the harder my partner does.


Triggers have been.

Louis asking me and encouraging me to compete again.

Danny Hester winning Olympia.

Seeing Kristian Kerr today and realising shape and condition is an incredible gift, he looked awesome.

I realised also that this is a gift I have that I cannot waste before I’m too old to do this.


I then further wrote… Again I’m giving you my inner thoughts here.




Train by instinct.

I know what to do -do it.

Train days I need too -rest when I know I need it.


Food needs to be (up) there.

Real food

Plenty of it

Protein high

Base supplements on point

Water up -always

Fats in meals

Keep cals up




Leg needs to come up from injury


Calves need to come up


Thicker and fuller upper body -deeper chest, delts, arms thicker


Do hard drills to keep metabolism high



Look after my skin

Use oil everyday

Skin scrubs

Skin needs to look good


That was the night – the next day I was totally focused and had a direction I had not had in years.

Plans are set in motion – training has taken a higher level.

All these areas I would, if your interested share with you in my journals from now on.

Over the next few days I will give you the insight into training and nutrition- everything warts and all.


Let’s see what an old classic can do taken out for another spin eh.

Love to ya all Ian x