Injuries, prevention, rehab and working around them

Recovery Habits

I mentioned in my last installment in this section that I walk to aid recovery.

You can train till your eyes bug out and you drop to the floor.

You can be on the best training program ever devised.

But unless you recover from that training –you are short-circuiting your gains.

You may also remember in my last article my little line –‘don’t say you can’t gain if you are not working at your recovery’.

Training to gain is a simple process.

Train -Rest -Eat -Recover -Grow.

In that order – always that order.

So let’s just run this out.


Train hard on the basics – always aim to improve your lifts, get stronger work hard.


Have days off from the weights but don’t do nothing in-between sessions of lifting -depending on lifestyle age and training level.

Days off the weights maybe -3 or 4, after all these years you know what works for you, trust it.

Try to sleep well and maintain a tranquil mind.


Eat clean non-processed foods to keep your system clean and efficient.

Include these foods in your diet.


Lots of raw salads and vegetables

Organic meats


Lots of fruit

Nuts and seeds

As much green tea as you like and plenty of clean water


Walk, run, stretch -move everyday do something to flush and cleanse your body


Feel your body change and grow, feel supple, strong -agile.

Enjoy the feeling of being strong muscular and ‘in shape’.


Its just good habits my friends and it takes no time at all to implement the little pieces of the puzzle.

So many guys look for the perfect routine when in-fact all they lack is what should be the core structure around the routine.

Basically –work at the other stuff !

Love to ya all Ian X


Walk For Health Of Body And Mind

There is not a soul about on this cold early winter morning. The sea wind cuts into me at times pulling my breath from me. It seems to pull on my clothes from every direction and putting one foot in front of the other is difficult on the soft sand.

But I trudge on loving every step.

Loving the feeling, the invigorating air lifts my mood.

Life problems are suddenly blown away by the wind.

You start to be reminded that breathing and movement are far more important than bills and such. As I stride forward I have time to think with no distractions life is good, and everything I see is stunning like I have seen it for the first time. Even though I have walked this trail a thousand times.

I love the outdoors and when I was a kid growing up in Bridlington, I was on the beach every day – and I mean every day. It was as if it was my drug of choice, I needed that think time and rush of clean air to shoot through my body.

I walked, ran, and biked everywhere, and now today if I could get by without a car, I would. But I live in Leeds now and it would be impractical with my kids. That said, I still walk every day always looking for and striving to feel that clean air alive feeling I use to feel in Bridlington.

Every morning come rain or shine I have a coffee, give Daisy my dog a chew bar, and within minutes we are out of the door.

We have four routes we use and most of the time Daisy chooses.

The longest being an hour and fifteen, to a forty five minute short one. This is our main walk of the day and we do at least four others at fifteen minutes a pop throughout the day.

Daisy is the point of the walks, perhaps without her I would not walk as much, but I still would.

Like I said I love being outside, in fact I am writing this article sat outside.

I remember a few months back offering advice to a friend via email, who wanted to lose some weight.

Simplifying everything down to the basics, I said train hard three days a week, eat clean, and buy a dog.

Then you have to be out.

Myself, I would walk regardless, but many need a reason and a dog is as good as any. As the years have ticked on I have found walking more and more beneficial.

Other than a mind lift, here are the benefits I have found and embraced.



In the day and age of everything being easy and soft, home ‘comforts’ – Wi-Fi, phones, and every family having more than one car. Pulling out the age card here I can remember many families not having cars when I was a kid. It was a luxury. Everybody walked and that coupled with basic eating in those days, home cooked meals and such, saw the average family leaner.

For me, I love the fresh clean air energising my body.

Back in the 1900’s the old body builders and strength athletes at the time use to say get outside and take in plenty of fresh air.

Lost in time is the importance of that. They had it right. It is simple get out in the fresh air and you will see for yourself how invigorated you will feel after a good walk.


Being in my 50’s now and training hard my body in a morning is somewhat tight.

Sometimes I have a tightness in my lower back and just feel un-aligned. Within minutes of walking at a good clip I can feel my body mechanically clicking and flowing into place. Gods honest truth after a walk I feel loose, young, supple and agile.


Hard training creates waste products in the tissues of the body. Walking flushes these waste products out of the body.

If those waste products are in the body you will ache. I generally aim for that ache every time, but also work on dispersing it, as the quicker you can clean out your system, the quicker you can recover and your body rebuild.


Walking flushes the whole body if you walk at a good clip. My walks are fast and at times include rough undulating paths or wooded areas, so I move like a human should and would have, thousands of years ago.

So I recover, feel younger and more mobile, therefore I can train harder and be stronger and look better in my 50’s.


Walking gives me some freedom and think time. It’s my time, just me and Daisy, she does not want for much so I’m alone with my thoughts and I can sort out my day before many are even up.

Many business ideas have hit me while walking. Many of life’s huge direction changes have come about because of TIME TO THINK.

All because I get up early and head out for a walk.

Life and changes can be made by something so simple.

Love to ya all

Ian x


It was back in ’92 when I became aware of a trainer called John Parrillo.  He was the trainer behind the huge successes or the start of many stars’ journeys, including Linda Murray, Lee Labrada, and Mike Ashley.

One of his early clients I was very interested in was the top natural in the world back then, Skip Lacour.

I was in awe of Skip and tried to find out as much as I could about him.  Eventually Skip wrote for a magazine I produced years later called Natural Press.  But that’s another story.

We had a guy that trained at my gym called Kurt – an awesome guy that was a Chiropractor from Canada, and was living and working here in the UK for a spell.

We became good friends and I loved hearing stories from his travels.

One day we got to talking about Skip and how a few years ago Kurt had worked for Parrillo. What!!!

I was all ears.

He told me of how he use to see Skip being put though his paces at their headquarters and how much stretching Parrillo used to do with his clients.

Well I studied up on everything Parrillo and adopted what I found useful to myself and my clients over the years.

I can say hand on heart that since ’92 I have stretched between sets and with every client I have trained since then.

Now don’t get in a panic, thinking how the hell am I going to add this in to my training.

Easy – I will produce a video showing my favourite stretches between sets and for before and after training.

All I want to do here is give you the heads up on it and some benefits.

The benefits of stretching for a trainer are huge.  Let me give you a few here.


Not only will stretching aid recovery between sets, allowing you to in-turn have a harder workout – equaling more gains.  But done when your aching from hard training, can and will aid recovery.  Quicker recovery – quicker into gain zone.

Stretching tight tired muscles (once a little warm up blood is flushed through) seems the most natural thing in the world to do.

So do it.

Growth Of Stubborn Areas

Fascia tissue covers every bundle of muscle we have.  In time the sheath of tissue becomes hard and tight.  Past injuries and knocks to the body as well as spending time with bad posture can lead to this tissue being like a steel case over the muscle.

So here is what you do.

When your working a body part and its pumped – stretch it between every set.

As time goes on you will find you can do this fairly hard and have a good range of motion.  Can you see by that – how much you have opened up the fascia tissue?  What will that do for growth and look of the muscle?

How much more detail and separations between the muscle will you show?

Also you have now a greater range of a safe working motion.

This will increase growth and there is less chance of injury, because you are far more flexible.

Not to mention a huge pump when training, as your opening up tightness allowing more blood flow.

All it takes is a few minutes added to your training and a few seconds between sets.

It’s as simple as stretching between uprights on the bench between sets of chest.

I will video a full body part stretching session for you to use when training in the next instalment here.

‘Til then look after YOU.

Ian x