Brothers in Iron

Over the many years competing and training, Ian has accumulated many friends in the industry and some mentors who have helped and inspired him.

Here we interview some of these people offering their stories, advice and tips to help you reach your goals.

Back To The Roots

By Peter Yates Peter who wrote this for The History Of Physical Culture Forum and was published there on 2/8/016 kindly sent this article to me. I am sure you will agree that Peter and his friends are true Old But Strong Warriors Ian x Since leaving my hometown of Darwen, Lancashire U.K. almost 50 […]

Gary Thornton AKA The Viking

Hey mate and welcome to my first Brothers In Iron section here on Old But Strong.  Now Gaz, I know you’re such a humble guy – one of my best mates, and over the years you have had a huge influence on me. I know you so well, and life is richer with you in […]