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Old School Heavy Duty

The program this month is a program I started in 1994, each year I changed it a little, but kept its baseline intact. Through 1997 I successfully combined HIT (High Intensity Training) with Thick Bar and Power Rack work, heavily influenced by Brooks Kubik. I can remember at the time reading works by Mike Mentzer […]

Hold Up!

  1997 was an awesome year of training; I undertook a complete year of HIT training and made some incredible gains. I had successfully blended high intensity body building movements with Brooks Kubik inspired thick bar and rack work. I will post the program in the Back To The Future section, later today or tomorrow […]

Pushing On

Something’s happening, I said to myself this morning as I took my early morning walk. This had popped into my brain as soon as I tried to make my legs go at a decent pace. Legs hurt you see. From that killer session on Saturday, hard to believe how only four or so ‘real’ sets […]

Reset … Reboot

  When I was a kid I was outside nearly all of my waking hours. Even school could not contain my need for the outdoors, hence I bunked off as much as I could get away with. Growing up in Bridlington, a seaside town, was paradise for me. The beach, harbor, the sun and wind. […]


I have for years looked to others for inspiration and if somebody could do something well I was dam sure if they could- so could I- within reason. So I took on others strategies learned from them and adapted them, used what was useful to me and disgarded what didn’t fit. This is called Modelling. […]

HITT’ing Legs

An early morning walk put me in the mind frame today that I was go to smash legs today. My thoughts prior to sleep last night was to dig in the ‘journal box’ this morning to find some sessions to write an article for you guys in the Back To The Future section. Well after […]

Fired Up!

I was buzzing this morning to train, as my head was full of inspiration. Before sleep last night I had read a story from one of my Conan novels. I have more or less the full set starting from number 1-a book that was published in 1972 up to book 20 or so. The most […]

Lean And Strong Diet

How do you balance being lean and also be strong and furthermore healthy? Well it’s bloody easy and I am going to tell you how. As I stated in my book Old But Strong, if we were stranded on an island and all we could eat was the food we foraged for. Vegetation, fruit, fish, […]

Back To It

Things are going really well with the Conan Hit Program. If I am not mistaken we are on this for another four weeks. I will then evaluate and set out another program based on changes and how we feel. In the meantime I am loving the gains here. Remember I have been training for many […]

Powerlifting Meet – Lessons learned

Yesterday, Saturday, was an awesome day at the Yorkshire & North East Masters and Junior Classic. I competed in the Masters 2 which is the 50 to 60 bracket in the 66kg class. The 66kg class was new for me but let me give you the facts behind it. I normally weigh around 69-70kg, and […]