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Burning Desire

I have been a bit quite of late, mainly because life has been a little busy. In a good way I might add, November and December being particularly cluttered with both kids birthdays and Christmas. Having got through those months we have hit the road running in this New Year. We have so many plans […]

Clean Eating And Life

Part Four Of The Nutrition Series  After I have worked with a client for a couple of weeks, I will have them write down what they eat for me for a week. I check out their log book and if the food consumed is maintaining the client’s weight I will change the same baseline calorie […]

My Most Result-Producing Routine By John Heart

We all perform certain bodybuilding routines with an eye on one thing…RESULTS…and those results are measured by how much muscle growth is produced by said routine.   Does your current routine bring results? How many of the routines that you tried brought little to no results? What was your most result-producing routine of all-time?   […]

Health Nut x

Simple, you are what you eat—every cell in your body is made from the foods you put in your mouth. Are you not worth the best? So many bodybuilders just think they can eat anything, they have no structure, no balance to the foods they take in. They use what I call the shovel method, […]

From Prince To King Of Back Training

I was a young lad of 19 when I started training with a man with an awesome physique that took me under his wing, literally. My third training training partner up to that point in my training life who probably made the biggest influence to my young mind and training that still stand me today. […]

Why Organic x

I look around all the time at people in restaurants, walking in the streets, at the pictures and I watch them eat. I watch them eat rubbish foods that add fat to those already out of shape bodies and I wish I could get through to them just how much they are killing themselves. I […]

Pure x

Oldies – can you remember the days when you started out in this sport? Can you remember an uncluttered life when training was pure and exciting? Ah those good old days eh, and the gains -wow the gains seemed to appear week upon week. Life was simple -gym -work -eat -sleep. I had a sort […]

Time With The Master Robby Robinson

This article was written in 2008 I hope you enjoy it Ian x Time With The Master Robby Robinson Day 1- Sun 21st Sept I got up at my normal time of 4:00am, had a bath and a shave and got dressed, all the while trying not to disturb the family. Stood in the kitchen eating […]

My Life With Nutrition x

I was five years old and my dad gained custody of a little boy with big hair and body like a racing snake. My mum, after splitting from my dad, just could not provide for me the way she wanted to and thought I would have a better chance with life and all that was […]

Loving It x

I know I keep banging on about how good training is at the moment. I’m sorry- cannot help myself. Training is really good at moment ha ha. Frigging love this shit. Sorry – but it is, I am excited, focused and enjoying every minute of every session.   Over the last few weeks we have […]