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The Best Is Yet To Come

The Best Is Yet To Come If I could go back in time would it change a dam thing in my life? Love the dumb things we do when were young but the best is yet to come Hinder “Ding a ling-ling-ling….” I reach for my old style alarm clock on the bedside chest of […]

Nutrition For Geezers

I was making a bullet point list for a book I was going to write; Old But Strong Nutrition. Then, I thought each point is as sharp as it comes and gives you all you need. No fluff – just the information. Sod the book – I will post this on my site, more people […]

Same Path Different View

As with most areas of my business life things tended to happen by accident. The main example being back in the late eighties early nineties I trained a couple of girls for a show. Two turned into three – three turned into thirty – before I knew it I had a hundred clients on my […]

Legs and Learning

You are certainly never old enough –or know it all to learn. Even after all these years –I learn something or re-learn something that has been gathering dust in the back of my mind. The points I am going to explain here are basic as hell –but non-the less soooo- valuable. Recently –as many of […]


The last six years have seen a huge life direction change for myself and those close. Let’s just basically lay it out here. Here is what life was like…. Work all the time. Spend money on crap. Work to pay for crap. Make loads of money – pay everybody their cut -tax -rent -mortgage -on […]

Smash It

Smash It Now –I don’t know about others –but I am one of those people that lose muscle at an alarming rate if I don’t ‘do what I should do’. Let me explain. I am more suited to endurance sports than bodybuilding –even now I could run for bloody miles and not have a problem. […]

Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Comfort In Being Uncomfortable I have been blessed to have some really hard workouts over the years. Most training sessions are productive – but not all can be balls out, if you did you would some hit a brick wall in a few weeks. 
I am a big advocate of trying the best I can […]

Be Like Conan

I can feel the suns heat beating down, hitting my upper shoulders, back and skinhead. I stand before a homemade sixty-pound barbell laid in the concrete yard at my feet. It’s not much to look at but it’s ours. Vince and I, my best buddy, 13 and 14 years old, respectively. Two paint tins filled […]

Busy Day Nutrition

Ok you need to eat something quick, healthy, high energy to get you through a huge day, you are so busy you don’t know if you are coming or going. It is one of those days that you either do not eat or eat crap. So how do you get through that day and be […]

Lift For Life

These days I am more aware of father time and mother nature than I ever was as a youth. As a youth you could storm out on your own path like the unruly teenager you were. What do they know? But just as you find yourself saying the same things to your kids, that your […]